Drain to waste in coco coir. Automated watering systems anyone?

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    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    I just made my own auto feed drip system using 1/2" line, 100gph pump, and digital cycle timer I already had. nice steady trickle; 2 minutes gives me 16oz of feed. just needed the drip line, fittings, shutoffs, and a bucket with lid. expandable to well beyond my needs or capabilities. its all setup and ready to go, but im not going to use it until i move these (4 plants) into flower tent. it would be a royal bitch to undo it all and move it 20ft after 10 days, lol
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    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    Bump to keep this going. Visajoe1 or anyone else with a working DTW set-up.

    Could anyone post photos of the set-up or links to the supplies? We have 2 weeks to build/buy a DTW set-up for a week of being away from the plants. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently we are hand feeding drip-to-waste.


    rayuki Well-Known Member

    great thread, im currently interested in trying something like this transitioning from soil, i have 10 x 3gallon airpots i want to get some use out of instead of letting them sit unused, are they ok to use in a DTW system? have you guys got any pics of your actual setups? do you need to have it up on a table or similar so you can have your runoff underneath? are canna nutes fine to use in a setup like this?

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