Drip Irrigation in Coco


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So I bought this cheap drip irrigation kit a few weeks back, probably knowing what I was getting (cheap):

And I guess it works, but the pressure to the last plant in the line is way less then the first, so much so that well it takes forever to feed, but also the first few plants in the line are already overflowing well before the last few plants are watered. I have been unable to find good info on what size pump would be necessary to provide the necessary pressure to 5 plants, mine is admittedly small at 210GPH but I still am unsure how to provide each line with equal pressure? Or should I just scrap this cheap kit and go buy some hard PVC piping? Right now 5 plants but future only one or 2 massive plants are planned.

I will be growing my next crop in an 18" barrel pot, for which these little lines and halos just aren't big enough. Does anyone have any ideas how to drip feed such a large surface area equally?

Lastly what are your guys feeding schedules like? Like how many times a day to you turn on the pump and how much runoff do you allow during each of these feedings?


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The key to even waterring is having the same length of tubing from the "splitter/manifold" to each plants dripper, they should all get the same length of hose from the manifold to the dripper and they will water evenly. Even if a few plants are really close and only need a short length, they get the same length as the furthest away plant.

I used to run 1gph drippers for 7-8 minutes, 3 times per day in 1 gallon coco pots during flower, and that gave little runoff

You could drip feed a larger buckets equally no problem with regular 1/8" ID drip line aswell, I used to run 3 drippers in a 30 gallon pot outdoors, and probably ran them for 30 minutes or something (likely used 1gph drippers though)

Equal length line and there are no problems with your kit, pump size is perfectly fine for atleast 10 drip lines