Dromada and the DWC led grow. WORTH WATCHING. I think

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    Hey all started a journal in the wrong spot on the forum. Anyway I am new to the forum and blah blah blah. Hi. Please ask me any questions, show me what you got. Make suggestions. This is my 2nd grow ever so.... Yeah


    1 Green crack
    1 18 gallon tote
    Rockwool/that clay shit
    Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect
    GH Florashield
    GH Florakleen

    Humboldt County's Own Sonic Bloom
    90lpm 6 outlet pump. Only have 4 2" air stones running in the one tub

    A Co2 bag

    2 1800w sunlight spectrum cob led (300w draw each) I dont care about draw though these are probably the brightest lights I have ever seen

    2'×4'×6 1/2' tent

    Birthday was Dec 10.

    She vegged up until 2/12 and got the flip

    Anyway here we go


    6 days later. First top


    Jan 1 topped her all up again


    This one is from jan 13 and she was again topped on every spot


    This be jam 24 and she was all topped again and also majorly supercropped on every branch.


    Jan 25 1st of my 2 1800w was ordered and here


    Jan 31 I am starting to realize I cannot veg this thing until 3/01 as planned


    Feb 7


    Feb 14 2 days after flip


    Feb 23

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    Anyway I started ordering the majority of my newer stuff here and got everything fingers crossed for flowering







    March 3rd


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    Anyway folks this is my 2nd grow. As you can see the grow tent has changed many times thru this far and will continue as I research more and more. I am trying to find my groove with this girl.

    What you think!
    Pull up a chair (cuz I will prolly need some help somewhere)

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    20180306_095246.jpg 20180306_095257.jpg 20180306_095307.jpg 20180306_095314.jpg 20180306_095321.jpg 20180306_095339.jpg 20180306_095358.jpg When she woke up this morning I took the nutrients out as suggested

    My goodness she gets better daily.

    She smells like a dang peach straight up. Like the skin of a peach and leaves that smell in your nose. Its almost weird like I am smelling a hybrid mj x peach

    Dont mind my carbon filter. Its not even hooked up to my extraction fan. I am just too lazy to fix it right now but a full view
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    Thats one beautiful bush of bud right there.
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    Very nice bro. Good job at training
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    Thanks man! Haha I was hoping so!

    I have put so much time into her its crazy. Hope she pays off!
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    Thanks man. Its my 2nd grow so I am still hella learning. I am applying everything I continue to research in her. I have read through thousands of journals with stupid amounts of info that has really helped me!

    If you got any suggestions I am all eyes man. thank you for dropping in
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    Screenshot_2018-02-28-11-21-51.png Btw each of these lights says they cover a 5'×5' space at 3'5" up. And I got 2 in my 2'×4' space at about 15" above 1 plant. I wanna push this girl as hard as she will go and see what happens.

    Here is my next order too

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    Just a shot about 12 inches from my light and dead in the middle of my bush. I think this is good?

    Attached Files:


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    Took the same meter outside today on a semi sunny not so bright day and maxed that shit instantly. No wonder its so easy to grow out there damn I only max it up to 14 inches from my light haha

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    Anyway update:

    Just did a fresh nute change res dump. Added 30 grams of dissolved Epsom Salt, 2 oz micro and bloom, 1 oz grow, and 5 tsp of sonic bloom into roughly 15 gallons water, came out to 1100ppm and is about where I want her. I have pushed farther, but when I did I found I was wasting more nutes than she ate.


    Side shot I would say lid to top most cola she is 14"


    I could prolly count all the "tops" she has all day but in rough estimate give or take a few its around 60. I dont want fat nugs I want a shit load of dense nugs.


    New set up for hanging my lights hell yeah, looks much cleaner.


    New fan speed controller, in this tent I dont think I need 677 cfm fan for my exhaust. That said I got this one cuz I had the extra cash and will soon get a 4x4 tent for flower.
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    20180312_140528.jpg 20180312_140539.jpg 20180312_140555_HDR.jpg Screenshot_2018-03-12-16-52-06.png Today

    She looking a little weak today. I dont like it. Gonna change my res and flush for a few hours.

    And also got a new little tent.

    Going to use colloidal silver to make one of my seeds produce pollen, then I will pollinate 3 or 4 buds from each of my other seeds as I run thru them. That all said the new tent is a 16" × 16" x 48" and will start off the new journey into a quick breeding run. Gonna see what happens.

    Got 18ppm colloidal silver for a spray. Will spray 3x daily a week before flip and continue as long as it takes. Only going to actually veg maybe 3 weeks total to make sure it is well ready by the time the ladies ready.

    Never done this before so it will be very interesting.
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    Fresh tub change. She just sitting in ice, water, florakleen and flora shield. Gonna give her a few hours and then I am gonna dump again and renute up with everything again.

    Gave her another hair cut. Have a nute lockout so there is that.... Hope to clear up here and slam her in full strength again. She is stupid frosty and getting thicker each day.

    1520898787911475969364.jpg 15208988183061029808464.jpg
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    Lookin fire :)
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    Thanks man! I cant believe how it looks! It's only 28 days in flower. Only been showing pistols for 2 weeks!
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    So I super fucked up and may have burnt my yield. I ended up leaving the florakleen in with my nutes over night and woke up next day to what looked like a major nute lockout. I mean major. I had ppm of almost 1600 (way too high) though previously, prior to using that Sonic Bloom this high of ppm seemed fine. IN VEG AT THAT! All of my leaves were affected and shit sucks. Anyway you can see what happened.

    I chopped it all up and off. I also drained and refilled my res, this time I also backed off on the Sonic Bloom, cut my feed all in half. I am at 750ppm.

    Now today I wake up and some of the shit that was left still fucked up is progressively worse right, but its not any worse and its not on all my leaves.

    For better or worse she will finish. She will yield something, I hope I didnt kill that.


    20180314_114321.jpg 20180314_114311_HDR.jpg 20180314_114248_HDR.jpg 20180313_221423_HDR.jpg 20180313_221444.jpg 20180313_221539.jpg

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    Message.jpg Yes!
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    Been a bit but hey

    She is not looking so pretty anymore but here she is. As you can see I have moved my light way back also. She was getting hella over kill on light. Seems since I did that my problem has gone away a bit. Need to check my ph as I am sure that is another problem. Never had to before but I also use ph perfect advanced nutrients. The reason I think it is off is because of the Sonic Bloom I added in. She still popping like Hell tho so I am not scared

    20180319_145851_HDR.jpg 20180319_145902_HDR.jpg 20180319_145910.jpg 20180319_145917_HDR.jpg 20180319_145924_HDR.jpg 20180319_145928_HDR.jpg
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