Drying issue


Hi folks, so, I have some big issues with humidity where I am at. Basically there is none. My plant I chopped down is crispy as f**k two days after it hangs. Like full on crispy to the point pieces will fall off. So what I do is put it in a Tupperware container with a damp paper towel on top and bottom for a few hours which the buds suck the moisture up nicely. I had this issue last grow as well and I had to do this method which they turned out ok. Is it OK to put directly into Mason jars now or leave them in big Tupperware container longer? They don't "seem" to be damp.


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Crispy? Go right into jars and see if there is a sweat coming from within buds.. if no sweat.. too dry.. if sweating..in paper bag for an hour and back in jars. Good luck

Hash Hound

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put them in jars with a nice sized fan leaf and keep monitoring till you get the desired moisture content. i use cheap pet store hygrometers.