Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough

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    Strain: Dutch Passion's Strawberry Cough
    Growth: DWC
    Nutes: Advanced Nutrients 3 part, Big Bud, B-52,, Nirvana, Bud Candy
    Yield: 3 32oz Mason wide mouth jars
    Bag Appeal: I don't know I never bought weed before.
    Smell: Unground: Sweaty, fruity, floral Ground: SWEATY, more fruit, floral
    Taste: via Vape
    The High: Feel good, listen good, see good! Everything is groovy. Didn't notice I was dancing in my seat while listening to music.
    The first time I smoked this it was only cured for a week. It lacked any real flavor and just tasted like flowers. The smell was straight sweat with absolutely no fruit whatsoever. The smoke was definitely uplifting and put a smile on my face but it lacked any real flavor. I flushed the fuck outta this plant and I was hoping for a clean "strawberry" flavor. It didn't happen so I thought maybe if I give it a good cure the smell and taste would come through. Two months later I cleaned the Vapir till it was almost like new. I even rinsed my mouth out real good so I could give the plant a decent shot. Nothing. The smoke is smooth not harsh at all. It just tastes clean. No floral taste, no fruit taste, no plant taste just clean. Sum BITCH!! There it is! The fucking after taste. There is a coating on my tongue of FRESH strawberries that aren't fully ripe yet. Sneaky motherfuckers! How the hell you make a plant like this. Nothing on the inhale or exhale. But all of a sudden you taste strawberries. Need to change the name to Strawberry Smile! IMG_0801.jpg IMG_0800.jpg IMG_0798.jpg IMG_0797.jpg
    Cotton mouth now. Water not helping. Need a fruit sugar tasting drink. Had to add that I just woke up from a 5hr nap! That was after I ate a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs with marinara sauce for breakfast! Still feel good. Not high at all. Just feel good. Head is clear.
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    your buds look exactly like mines did when i grew DP SC. i grew her organically. i can say that mines smelled just like strawberries. but like yours it tasted nothing like strawberries and thats after a month cure. very smooth but no flavor.

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    Not sure where my seeds genetics go back to but the more pics I see of the SC the more I'm convinced that what she is. We found 4 seeds going through probably a 1/4-1/2 lb a couple winters ago, of locally grown Detroit meds. My girlfriend and I both really enjoyed the hell out of that winter! Of the 4 seeds 3 popped 2 were fems both nice, one was strawberry skunk the other (the pick) straight strawberry smell, loaded with trichs outdoor in a very rough dry summer. I took clones and have been growing her ever since. The North cut (I named them north and south) was ditched, nice big firm buds and flavor, but not much crystal, but my south girl, well, everyone loves her. Loaded with trichs, decent yield, but bouquet is out of this world. Have just recently decided to do some breeding projects with her. I hit her with some Dynasty's Huckleberry Kush (Oregon Blueberry) also found a nice Strawberry King in my pack of Mota Rebels Strawberry Queen. (Vic High's Killa Queen (C99) to Mota's Lung Candy (Strawberry Cough x Strawberry Diesel) love this plant!
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    Love your reports pross read them all you do a good job describing them

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