DWC res water to hot

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    There are 100's of them

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    Not where I live. Dude wanted $300 for his "barely used" 1/4HP active aqua. I offered $200 and he seemed interested, but I got a bad vibe when talking to him on the phone. I asked why he was selling says his kids are getting older and asking questions, eluding that hes quitting. Then he mentions later how awesome the chillers are and he has 3 more older ones. So I ask if hes selling those as well and he says naw, only the newer one.

    His stories didnt match up and the fact he has older ones im skeptical im going to get the newer one.

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    You could try wrapping your buckets with the silver bubble wrap insulation like @The Dawg does on his waterfarm setups.
    Maybe he has a few pointers as well on temps.
    I run RDWC with big buckets and res/control bucket outside the grow so temps are no problem here
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    I put my DWC buckets in a water bath, only 3" deep, about 1.75 gallons of water. I'm making a small peltier powered water cooler for about $100 with temp sensor, ordered the parts today. I"ll use that to cool the water bath, which keeps the buckets cool. It will have no problem keeping bucket temps where it needs to be at 66.5. Right now, I'm using gel packs, but I wont be able to for long when it warms up
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    Guy's I Don't Worry About High Res Temps Cause I Run A Beneficial Bacteria Tea That Takes Care Of All the Nasty's That High Res Temp's Bring. :hump:

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    Damn Hit The Wrong button And Here's A Pic Of My Res Peace And Hair Grease :weed:

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    J Henry

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    Hey Smokey, clearly you got problems and you got options too. Before you go and waste a lot of money Do you really know if you are having a water temperature problem or are you having a Lo-O2 problem? That’s 2 different problems treated in 2 different ways.

    If you have a hot water problem, buy a water chiller or ice machine and chill your water.
    If you have a Lo-O2 problem, consider this… O2Grow - Air Stone Alternative | Oxygen Bubbler: Increase Yields www.o2grow.com/
    O2 Grow Increases Dissolved Oxygen 50% over traditional bubblers.
    Increase your cannabis yields! Find out how O2 Grow can help your plants thrive, shop ...
    NO NOISE - No air pumps, no water pumps, no air stones stopping up, no water chillers –guaranteed plenty Oxygen continuously 27/7 at any water temperature for the entire grow season. That’s cool.

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    I was sold on those O2 stones until I saw the price. insane. cool as hell though

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    Well, F the peltier cooler! I was fortunate to luck out on a great chiller on craigslist today, so now Im golden. got an evercold chiller for $64, new they are easily over $600. works like a champ and quieter than my fridge :blsmoke:
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    I made a chiller from a 5000 btu window ac unit. Works like a charm.

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    Do you use the actual product you linked to. Would like to see some ones grow that actually uses it.
    J Henry

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    Never had a low-O2 problem, but I did experiment with an oxygenator a few years back. They are stealthy, makes no noise, produces oxygen and make very tiny oxygen and hydrogen bubbles. Their literature is impressive, their salesmen are more impressive.

    You really need a DO meter or some way to actually measure the DO to know if you are having a low-DO problem or not. Of course you can just wait till the roots die and fungal outbreak is clear to discover that you might have a low O2 probably.
    Have you ever used one?

    Shugglet Well-Known Member

    You do know water temp and DO are highly corelated, correct?
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    Yes, I understand the relationship between water temp, salinity, barometric pressure, gas saturation and gas concentration. All SCUBA divers have a functional working understanding of this concept, this understanding is absolutely vital to all divers.

    Now think scientifically applying Henry’s Law res water in your DWC pot grow. This may be way out of the box thinking at the hobbyist level, beyond the limited predictions of the common DO Chart where oxygenation capabilities are often very limited because of ambient air and air delivery devices.

    Here’s a mind-bender to ponder during a period of sobriety. The soda pop bottlers manipulate gas partial pressure every day bottling pop except the gas they use is CO2 gas, not O2 gas. How do they make that gas bubble fizz when you open that bottle?

    Regarding dissolved O2 predictions in fresh water exposed to ambient air at 1 ATM… Your air DO Chart predicts that 80F fresh water will Saturate 100% with 8 PPM DO and change.

    The partial pressure of O2 in ambient air at sea level is 159 mm/hg.

    Just imagine what would happen if you increases the oxygen partial pressure oxygen from 159 mm/hg up to 400 mm/hg and you keep the water temperature @ 80F. Actually you can easily increase the fractional concentration of oxygen up to 760 mm/hg if you like under normobaric https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/normobaric conditions at home.

    Now-thing BIG like the Dr. Pepper people. What do you think the DO Concentration (PPM DO) and DO % Saturation would be then after you increased the oxygen partial pressure an additional 241 mm/hg?

    Most people are seriously limited only by their lack of knowledge, imagination and motivation. Ho disrespect intended.
    Logan Burke

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    Personally, I find that my water temps stay about 2-3 degrees below the room temp....so if you lower your room temp to 75 degrees, your res temps should go down accordingly. Then invest in some Hydroguard, it is a preventative root inoculant, and in my own experience, blows h202 treatments and "sterilizing the root zone of all bacteria" out of the water, as well as creating massive root growth. It can be simple as you would like, but you have to create the right conditions....
    P.S. - A fan blowing on your rez can help a couple degrees, as well as another fan blowing on your air pump...I keep a mounted fan blowing on my air pump 24/7 because it is a 110L/Min pump and on warm days can get very hot. Happy growing bud, do not get discouraged.....
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    And a
    I know nothing of scuba diving or it's requisitions, I do see the relation, but I think you're over-complicating it just a tad (maybe I am wrong, honestly don't know). I do know, however, that at 77 degrees, the DO level will drop to a low level allowing bad bacteria room to grow and not allow beneficial bacteria a chance to fight it off....
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    Here's The Roots That Belong To That Tablet Ok You Can Pick Your Tongue's Off the Floor Now :hump:

    IMG_5534.JPG IMG_5535.JPG
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    That looks like Betty Ann's bush, she's a blond too, I wouldn't change anything, just keep the N2O2 away and keep the microbes healthy.
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    Beautiful; absolutely gorgeous Dawg! May I ask you how you are liking that disc air stone? I bought one and have it on my biggest beauty, and she is still the biggest, I am considering replacing the rest of my cylinder airstones as well.

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    I have one of those electric type coolers sitting in the reload room. (Firearm reload). Aquarium probe looking thing with a computer fan and heat sink on the outside.

    Without the pump running it'd cool the res to 53. Thats installed in the side of a 12 gallon igloo ice chest. With the pump running and lights on...it ran a 67-68. No controller.

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