dyna gro and soil??

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    ok so i think im going to give dyna gro a try before advanced nutrients and will be using it in soil. i was told to buy the grow, bloom, pro tct, and mag pro. what is a good mix of nutes starting the second or third week in veg till the 8-11th week in flowering?

    TruenoAE86coupe Moderator

    Foliage-Pro and Pro-tekt till week 3 or 4 of flower, then add some pk boosters, you will be golden!
    Mack Buchanan

    Mack Buchanan Well-Known Member

    bro, its as good as any nute out there, throw some snow storm ultra around week 4... and blackstrap!

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    For soil I would suggest Jack's Classic over the Dyna Gro. DG is more suited for hydro.

    Even using Jack's, keep the ProTekt. I use that regardless of whatever nute I'm using.

    I've used Jack's for close to 40 years, Dyna Gro for a bit over 25, so I'm talking from experience, not what I've heard or read and have used both in soil.

    With either one, no other anything is really needed, with the exception of the protekt and that's not really a booster of any sort.


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    Nice im getting some dynagro for dwc buckets im.becoming organic grower but would love to compare a ppant or two oeganic vs dyna :)
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    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    im currently use DG's GROW (7-9-5) and Pro-Tekt for my soil (kellog's patio plus, coco, perlite, and amended with garden lime) from start to finish. Its pretty simple...I still have DG's bloom but havent use it much since i use for clone or seedling only. Have to remember that DG is complete plant food than any fertilizers.

    happy gardening.
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    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    Grow, Bloom and Protekt is all you need. In Promix, I haven’t found much use for Magpro as it pretty strong stuff and IMO is meant for hydroponic growing when using RO.

    When you use Protekt and one of their bases in roughly equal amounts, your pH should land in the low 6’s but this is dependent on your water source. Odds are you’ll need slightly less protect than base. Find the ratio that works best for your water.

    You should be feeding with Grow a lot more than Bloom during flower as Bloom doesn’t contain enough N to keep your plants green. Bloom is awesome in hydro, not so much in promix. I’ll occasionally give 50/50 mixes of Grow and Bloom during the last half of flower but most of the time I’m feeding with Grow. I do on rare occasions feed with 100% bloom but only when the plants are perfectly green top-to-bottom and it’s later in the flowering period.

    Flowering plants really shouldn’t need more than about 1 tsp/gal of each Protekt and a base, cut that in half for veg.

    What about cal and mag with jacks? Are you adding lime?
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    xxEMOxx Well-Known Member

    Well there is the word from the man himself when it comes to D.G.
    +rep for Homebrewer!!!

    Dyna-Gro is totally worth it from what I have seen on here, and really only requires 2-3 bottles....... I am curious to just using the Grow, Pro-tek, and maybe M.O.A.B. ( which isn't from them ) and see how that runs for an entire cycle... although I currently like my bases which I think are pretty on par with D.G. or similar "1-parts" I do have the same problem H.B. mentions with my base nutes and that is not enough N in there ending RIPE/BLOOM mix. stages.

    mdanforth Well-Known Member

    I use grow,pro-tekt, and mag-pro in black gold soil.......
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    Gratefulgrowin93 Well-Known Member

    sorry to comment such an old thread but dyna gro is great with the grow, bloom, pro-tekt, mag-pro, and the pure neem oil leaf polish.

    K-L-N rooting solution I've heard many good things of but haven't tried it myself personally

    overall I hear dyna gro is most complete one part nutrient with 6 macro and 10 micronutrients the silica in pro tekt and the sulfur in mag pro adds up to a really complete nutrient profile if in soiless hydro or a soil mix that isn't already enriched with amendments compost ewc etc ✌

    love you guys here at Roll it up very down to earth honest and helpful :)

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