Easy and effective indoor soil protocol

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    what is recommended for an Easy indoor soil grow from beginning to end. Seed-or-clone--veg--flower. Organic and effective
    Fox farms? Roots? Thanks

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    i do 1/3 fox far, 1/3 roots organic, 1/3 black gold. add some couple handfuls alaskan humus for base. i also add in some lime, azomite, worm castings. maybe add some more perlite depending on texture. i think thats it. i top dress periodically through grow too

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    Old Post but eternally relevant question. My easiest no frills mix for guaranteed results and minimal effort, both for mixing and use, is to use roots B2 and Down To Earth BioLive. The B2 has next to nothing in it to start with and is free draining with a decent amount of organic material so it's perfect for amending. The BioLive is a complete blend that includes your beneficial soil inoculants.

    The best thing about this is that you can use the BioLive in the lowest recommended rates and you'll get the no fert/water only benefit of super soil but you can plant in it right away. No "cooking" time.
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