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    Man what a long day. Last day with the kids in town they leave tomorrow at lunch time. Been a wonderful but exhausting visit. But, that's parenting lol. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Anyhow, tonight I watered and fed EVERYONE in the garden lol. Long night after the girls went to bed. I've had stuff that I ordered start to trickle in, and I now as of today have the items I needed for my veg regimen. This will consist of the following: Flora Nova Grow, Ful-Power, Protekt, and Cal-Mag Plus. GH PH Down used as needed. My source water is filtered well water about as good as it gets. Much better than my house back home. I have A LOT of pics tonight so there will be a couple posts from me on my update. I am VERY happy with how the 4x8 is kicking off and extremely happy with how the veg tent has bushed out and the sick looking plants have bounced back. The seedlings are popping up nicely as well and I just can't stop staring at the Purple Envy. The flower tent is still off as there is nothing ready to flower yet. I am awaiting for the plants to finish sexing and they just keep growing and not sexing. One of my Dark Plasma's from Ocean Grown I really hope it's a girl (and think it is), she is just beasting out, and has me considering doing my first SCROG. I think I could easily fill my 3x3 with her. She's 19" tall right now but 24" wide at the widest point as of tonight lol. I also topped all of the Sour Hounds tonight. So anyways, here we go on the tour of the garden, sorry this is all with my Camera on the cell phone and I'm no pro photographer:

    The veg tent:


    This is the seedlings in the veg tent, (4) Vienna Skunk from HSO and the first seed of one of my crosses Jelly Bean #1 (Satori X GG#4)


    This is the Purple Envy @GorillaSeedBank


    This is the big Dark Plasma (Ocean Grown Seeds)



    This is my Fookies @BobBitchen



    This is one pheno of my second cross Nightmare Kush ( Satori X Narcotic Kush Auto)


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    This is another pheno of the Nightmare Kush (Satori X Narcotic Kush Auto)



    This plant from above has one monster double cola where I topped her I just love it, this is her recovering after some LST and a supercrop a few days ago lol



    Here's the 4x8 tent with the Auto's


    Here's a shot of my Sunflower in the Auto tent:


    And here's a shot of the bigger of the Sour Hounds


    Hope everyone had a good Xmas thanks for checking in
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    I have a 10 pack of Purple Envy fems waiting to get wet. I haven't seen any grows of them yet so I'm glad to see one in your tent.
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    I had started one end of last year right before the divorce but it had to get chopped when I had to move. I am VERY excited for this plant because I won the beans in a contest here on RIU and I never win anything lol, and also because I'm a sucker for Cannabis with color. I have some ninja fruit here too waiting. I just hadn't dug too much into my "good" stuff before because I wanted to wait until I was better and more consistent at growing as to not waste the $$ on shitty grows. I have a Bodhi and HSO stash too, the Vienna Skunks I am excited for too because the grows I have seen of it they purple as well. And then in my crosses you never know WTF will turn up LOL........this is all very exciting for me right now I am very happy with where the garden is right now and it's been a while for me........I just need to get consistent with the clones and I feel I'm good. With a better drying procedure now my last few harvest has been some of my best stuff to date.

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    Kids are gone will miss them dearly. I snuck into the grow room and finished the housekeeping I needed to do. Trash is out and I vacuumed the room. Also cleared out the flower tent it's ready for action now my timer came in today. Trying to be patient with the veg tent to let things sex out I am really thinking of a SCROG grow with just one of these plants ..............


    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Tonight's update, I went in misted the clones, and just sat there looking at my garden. And I'm pretty fucking happy with where things are at right now, the trick now will be to keep it going and not mess it up right lol. I was contemplating firing up the flower tent and moving a few plants over but decided to wait more. These things keep bushing out and growing but not sexing WTF lol............I REALLY want to toss the bigger dark plasma and the fookies into the flower tent..........we will see........anyways here some pics in no particular order, even the damn sunflower is on beast mode lol........

    Thanks for checking in

    IMG_20171229_192841.jpg IMG_20171229_193657.jpg IMG_20171229_193729.jpg IMG_20171229_193807.jpg IMG_20171229_193815.jpg IMG_20171229_193826.jpg IMG_20171229_193915.jpg

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    Amazing stuff! And I now know why you are called Evil with your torture training techniques! Haha love it
    Gonna take a look at those COBS as wel, very impressive for the power they draw.
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    Yes I am too. And what I am finding this run is the plants grow healthier and happier with them "further" away from the canopy. I have been at double my usual distance now at 30" distance to canopy. Less watts and further away and no deficiencies stunted plants etc...........stable temps and RH, easy light to work under, esy to adjust and set in place, I really have no complaints and not as nervous anymore as I originally was when I went ALL COB's. Now to see soon what the 3K lights do in the flower tent, haven't flowered yet with those :)
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    Well morning update for today. I got the new timer in and setup in the flower 3x3 tent. Tonight the light will go out for the first time. Checked the kill-a-watt meter with the 3K lights in here and the (5) of them are pulling 298 at the wall. I was able to sex (3) of the plants from the veg tent already and very happy with all three as they're the ones I really wanted to be girls, my Fookies, the Bigger Dark Plasma, and the Bigger of my Nightmare Kush plants. I also culled one of the Vienna Skunk seedlings and transplanted the rest and my Jelly Bean seedling into 1 gallon pots. I will get back in there later tonight to make sure the timer is doing it's job and to check on the Auto Tent as well. In the next day or two I will take cuts from the three girls in the flower tent and top the entire top canopy of all three plants and it's go time for flower. Excited to see what these 3K COB's do after vegging with the 6500K lights. Very happy with the health of the three girls going into flower.

    Veg tent (6500K)

    IMG_20171230_124652.jpg IMG_20171230_124706.jpg

    Flower tent (3K)

    IMG_20171230_124600.jpg IMG_20171230_124553.jpg

    Thanks for checking in

    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Night time pic of the Auto Tent

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    Well, I slept most of the day and got some well needed rest, I have to say this is the first new years eve I can remember where I had absolutely no alcohol LOL. Not that I'm an alcoholic or anything like that just the family parties usually involve a lot of drinking. I was good with just my smoke and it feels great to not be getting up later all sick and hungover etc lol. Anyways happy new year to everyone. I got in the garden just after midnight and put a few hours in. I watered/fed everything in the Veg tent and the Auto tent, and I'll get to the flower tent later on today after the lights come on, I have not peeked in there since moving the three girls over to flower so excited to see how they look and I need to take cuts from all three of these girls also. I also put my four Hubbaa Bubba seeds into dirt to get them going. They were long overdo to be planted lol. Tonight's feed was Flora Nova Grow, Ful-Power, Protekt, Cal-Mag Plus, and PH was adjusted to 6.0 as I usually do I like it there gives you a buffer up and down but still in a range for plants to access what they need. EC was 2.0, I know that sounds high to most people but a light feed with this product is still about 1.5, I'm just playing catch up right now with the plants and in the Auto tent really gonna try and push these plants for maximum yield and quality. None of my SH's have any burnt tips or anything and the color of the plants is just spot on. I do not remember the last time I had so many plants in my garden at the same time looking this good I'm very pleased. The plants are all LOVING life with the lights up higher at 30" from the canopy. I lightly defoliated my Sour Hounds, just removed the top pair of large fan leaves on each because they were covering flowering sites underneath that will now get light. I think that covers everything for this garden visit, I'm just trying to slow down and enjoy the journey, I really enjoy growing and all the different aspects of it. I have to honestly say trying to become a decent grower has been one of the most humbling and challenging things I have taken on in life and I'm really starting to enjoy it, especially the breeding and starting my own seeds to see what I created etc. Wish I would have started doing this a long time ago lol. Oh well there's a lot of green to grow for 2018 so let's get to it.

    Veg Tent


    This is my Jelly Bean #1 (Satori X GG#4)


    The Sunflower is blowing up this is absurd LOL


    A few Shots of the 4x8




    And one of the leaves I pulled from the Sour Hound F2's


    Thanks for checking in
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    I was able to get into the flower tent this morning after lights on. I did some work in there and today was the first water/feed since I put them in the Flower tent under the 3K lights. I'm really liking how these plants are starting off, and they are all stinky girls.I fed them the transition feed with the grow and bloom nutes mixed half and half next feeding we will go full on Bloom and the week after I might add Hydroplex simply because I have it on hand already so why not but we will see.



    So what do we do in my garden at the beginning of flower with the Photo's, we top and defoliate, yup I murdered that awesome view from above LOL............bring on the tops......................I also took 4 cuts of each of the three plants and put them right into pro mix to see if they will root. I have done this with my organic soil in the past, we will see what happens, I am hoping at least two cuts of each plant root.



    Thanks for checking in
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    Tim Fox

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    right there with you, didnt drink, hell we even went to bed after watching the 9pm east coast feed of the ball dropping,, ugh i am getting old,, BUT i am wide awake this morning ,, no hang overs,, weed is awesome,, i know the feeling,, being happy with your MJ while everyone else pounds down the booze
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    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox Well-Known Member

    dang those little plants are so green and healthy,,
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    Thanks brother I have been busting my ass in the re arranging of lights and plants etc and trying to get a handle on everything and the nutes again etc. Very happy with where things are they're not perfect but they're ok. I wish the veg tents three bigger plants that have been a pain all grow would snap out of their little funk. I think all three are males though we will see. Still waiting for them to sex out.
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    For all those concerned about the butcher in the flower tent lol here's a pic was gonna make you guys wait til next week but w/e lol

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    Whew man what a night working in the garden. I got 3 males in my veg tent and they were the three big shitty plants I'd been fighting with all along so down they came. Also chopped a fourth plant of one of my crosses as I was tired of babying it along. I adjusted the lights in the veg tent for the remaining plants and moved all the clones I took over to the veg tent from the 4x8. Everything besides the flower tent was watered and fed tonight. Feed was Flora Nova Grow, Fuel-Power, Cal-Mag Plus, and Protekt. EC 1.5 and PH was 6.0 In the big 4x8 tent I threw out the (4) HBS seeds as it has been a few days and no sprouts off they went. I also topped all the younger plants that had not been topped yet. The veg tent got a foliar spray of Spinosad and the 4x8 got a foliar of Method 1 pps.

    Veg tent


    The 4x8 with the Auto's




    And the Sunflower



    I will update the flower tent in the morning when the lights are on. I need to get in there and water tomorrow.

    Thanks for checking in
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    It is a dwarf sunflower variety? ;)
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Of course it is LOL :bigjoint:
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    Just checking before it's pokin out da roof :lol:
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