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    Ok got some good news, the new dimmer from HLG came in today. I have to say I can now confirm I was right. There was just too much light for the 3x3 with the light on full blast. It's been in there running now @250 watts at the wall for over 9 hours and the temps have not passed 80. Almost 10 degree difference. So I will hold back my comparison grow on the QB vs the COB's until I get another grow down with the girls waiting in veg. This will give me a better picture of what the light can do, and I should be able to get much closer to the canopy which I will try with the Chemdogging starting to flower under it as we speak.

    Also the First Deep Blue C with the purple top colas has been hanging to dry for a day now I did chop her as I saw no more swelling and the lower buds finished to my satisfaction. The COB tent is rocking it and the Narcotic Kush is taking well to the topping I gave her, the other (2) Deep Blue C in there are coming along nicely as well. Can't wait for the COB girl in soil to be done she's swelling up nicely and getting some nice hues of blue to her fan leaves let's see what happens.

    The veg closet is going well cleaned up the four teens today and seems they're adjusting to their SIP's, I expect them to blow up in the next week or so as their roots hit the res of the SIP, here comes the boom!

    Thanks for checking in! :joint: Happy 4/20 Everyone!
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    4/20 Garden Pics

    IMG_20170420_034334.jpg IMG_20170420_034356.jpg IMG_20170420_034432.jpg IMG_20170420_034443.jpg IMG_20170420_034502.jpg IMG_20170420_034725.jpg IMG_20170420_042402.jpg
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    Hey evil I sampled my doubledream & the potency is top notch but does nothing for my neuropathy so I'm hoping the sour'd fares better everyone who tried it raves about it so it's gone just not my cup of tea
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    Thanks for the heads up I will pass on it then and not waste time. I will let you know how the deep blue c drying does for mine. It has been drying for a day and a half or so. Still needs time.

    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Thanks bro with the new dimmer now I turned it down to 250 watts and tje chemdogging is loving life.

    On a new note the Satori males made it and look great.

    I try to keep my tents and room as clean as possible. My family jokes that I keep the grow room cleaner than my bedroom lol ............

    Happy 420 to you as well bro I have been up since yesterday so I got it going for 420 early with some nice dabs at a friend's house.

    Today is blunt and bong day for me though :)
    IMG_20170420_162058.jpg IMG_20170420_162053.jpg
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Couple, two, three garden pics lol.



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    For those who question defoliation.............





    This plant was only topped once. She'd be wider but she's an auto so I don't have forever to train the plant. But there are many advantages to defoliation when used as part of your plant training besides better airflow.

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    Well I have a procedure tomorrow and will most likely be out of a commission for a day or two aftrerwards while my body recovers from the anesthesia, so I did a lot (for me) in the garden today.
    - The Satori Males got fed and watered again. I am using the nutes from my hydro grow to boost them quickly to fill the #1 pots, then the chosen one of the two will transplant to a 5 gallon SIP, as I continue to transition the grow to SIP's.
    - The Chemdogging and the Deep Blue C F2 in hydro were both defoliated today. Not completely naked like I do early on, I only took whatever covered bud sights.
    - I watered the (2) No Till plants today. Organic Molasses, Epsom Salt, Aloe Powder, Coconut Powder, Agisil, and Ful-Power.
    - I swapped the res for the hydro girl. Took down the Bloom nute and upped the bloom booster to see how the plants responds, since I'm not sticking to hydro anyways just pushing this plant to see how she reacts for the purpose of learning. So far she has come out better than I expected. She got Ful-Power, Epsom Salt, Ionic Bloom, Hydroguard, Hydroplex, and GH PH Down. EC= 2.0, PH 5.6 Res temps steady under 70.
    - The little Narcotic Kush girl under the COB's in the SIP got a refill on her res. She had drank A LOT.
    - All four SBA teens in the nursery got a refill on their Reservoirs as well. They had drank a lot as well. I topped off all four reservoirs and did a top watering with tap water. They are responding well, and since the reservoirs were low they have started to drink so the roots are reaching the destination. This is where the plants start to blow up in the SIP's.
    - All non flowering plants received my IPM via Method 1 pps. I also sprayed down anything that had soil, and on top of the defoliated leaves which were tossed on top to feed the worms on the no till pots.
    - I moved and adjusted the fans in the tents to blow directly across the canopy.

    This should keep everyone well for a day/few days. That's today's update.
    Cheers :peace::joint:





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    Looking good in there Evil. Best wishes for a quick recovery, hope all goes well for you.
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    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    same here evil good luck with your procedure looking forward to seeing you back in action
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    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    Looking nice! Good job getting it all done before hand. It's not as easy as some think.
    Started reading the SIP thread you linked me. Thnx! Very cool! Change is tough for me but might just give it a whirl.
    Quick question, EWC can be a N supplement right? Thinking bout using it in my veg. instead of the N boost from H+G I was used to. Ran out awhile ago.
    Hope the procedure went as good as possible n you're healing up.
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    bobqp Well-Known Member

    I've got some small gorilla bomb, gorilla glue, trippy gorilla growing nice to see yours is sativa dominant as well. Really looking for gorilla glue taste and potency in these seedlings.

    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the well wishes brother I made it lol. Just needed 24 hours straight of sleep to recover LOL :bigjoint:

    Thanks brother hope all is well

    I don't use EWC anymore because I found it easier to just put worms in the dirt and let them put the EWC in there. So when my girls need a boost of N I top dress with kelp OR I water/feed with the fish fertilizer I use. The one I use is a hydroslate so it doesn't stink as bad as others and it's not as messy. I tbsp per gallon and the girls love it. When I am lazy I just alternate this with plain water ........

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    Well I made it LOL J/K guys procedure was no biggie just the risk of going under anesthesia for me is larger than most.

    Anyhow back to the garden today and aside from some thirsty girls no issues found. I am going to talk less and post pics more for this update. Cheers and thanks for checking in :peace: :joint:

    Tomato and Pepper plants came in from Burpee


    View from the Captain's Chair


    Cob tent


    QB Tent


    Girls in Veg


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    More pics............ :bigjoint:

    IMG_20170427_075117.jpg IMG_20170427_075136.jpg IMG_20170427_075156.jpg IMG_20170427_075215.jpg IMG_20170427_075233.jpg IMG_20170427_075657.jpg
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    Hey Evil, glad to see you back in action and everything went well for you. Looking good in there :)
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    TY brother. Took one less day to recover from the anesthesia this time so that's a good sign. I'm just nervous because this week on Monday I started a lower dose of the Prednisone again. The last time we went this low I ended up having to learn to walk again (full relapse) so fingers crossed. Learning to walk twice again as an adult was enough for me already LOL :lol: Not looking for the third go around but hopefully we are on a better track this time with changes to other meds etc. For sure I can say the biggest difference has come from the MMJ..................
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    Let's hope that dosage works for you and good luck on the recovery. At minimum the MJ will help you get a few winks that prednisone crap keeps you up 20 hours a day :(
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