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    Nugteq Active Member

    Overall. Blue Steel is NOT to be taken lightly if your running it I would spend 3x as much time as normal and constantly check for herms.

    Trap Star is also slow veg and It has potential because smell and frost is pink maybe get some pink trichs...although to be honest Im glad Im done with it and Mike is sending me a Donkey Butter so Ill def be looking forward to those..

    Now I have 3 Kimbo Kush
    1 was so slow of a vegger its been in veg 3 months and is still super short...will see how it goes
    1 showed both male and female and I chopped it early and she was a fast vegger
    And the last one is pure heaven like she is nothing but frost grenades and Ill be keeping Kimbo#5 who is a medium vigor and great yield and boy oh boy she is a blessing as she just keeps plumping up in size

    Pics below are 1. Blue Steel #1 blueb dom just now at drying
    2. Blue Steel #4 potential keeper starting flush
    3. Blue steel closer next to Kimbo Kush
    And 4. Kimbo Kush #5 just now during flush
    (And last pic is a taffie i just chopped down cuz it looks so good had to show it off too)
    Even tho Ive probably lost 30% of yield this crop thx to a rogue hermie Im still actually really impressed with the trich production on all of exotics gear so in conclusion. ..

    Im overall happy with this breeder as they stand by their products and replaced faulty ones without question and to me...that means more than anything else.


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    CoB_nUt Well-Known Member

    Nice report there @Nugteq. Appreciate the feedback.Frosty bitches bruh! Sad shit to hear bout the hermies. I popped 3 Kimbos 2 were female 1 male. Just popped 2 more KK's and both were duds. Didn't germ at all. Popped a few other beans also all except some my own beans didn't pop....blah. Have 6 more kimbos to pop gonna pop em all and hope for the best.
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    numberfour Well-Known Member

    Thanks CoB. Yeah making way for some new strains, handed the cut out so should be able to get back if I miss her.
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    any pics?, Ive been looking to try out some exotic gear an choc O's sounds like the one to try :)

    Nugteq Active Member

    Thx bro good luck on ur kk hunt. Pop em all youll find a keeper no doubt. Let em go as long as possible they keep swelling
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    CoB_nUt Well-Known Member

    Yessir, I let my first two kimbos go 9.5 weeks the second time around, and........jumpin johosephatsbat an these hoes would not stop swelling! Little more narcotic effect but the weight gain was def worth it.
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    numberfour Well-Known Member

    Lightsaber, day 35

    nxsov180db Well-Known Member

    That's the third post I've read of you saying this tonight just in threads that I follow.
    Bank Breaker

    Bank Breaker Well-Known Member

    mike just posted a new line of seeds.. any idea on where we can go to get more info??

    i just want to see pictures.
    even his his previous lines-> donkey butter, berry crunch, sour apple kush, ko ko puffs.

    numberfour Well-Known Member

    Instagram is probably your best bet, search for exotic_g_mike nice pic of his Donkey Butter

    - 45 days
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    Bank Breaker

    Bank Breaker Well-Known Member

    yeaaa.. his crunch berries dont look too different from the phenos i found from blue steel.. so im not sure if i'll re run it. im leaning towards his other gear :)
    also we need more pics than just this lol
    Bean Busy

    Bean Busy Well-Known Member

    I scooped a pack of moose tracks but aint got room to pop any for a while.

    Anyone else running it now or heard good things, if so it might jump the queue:clap:

    funnyoldsmoke Active Member

    I've got 3 in the pink popped 4 they all been males am hoping the next 4 i pop I will get some females
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    needsomebeans Well-Known Member

    I dropped three Trilogy beans. Two sprouted and had one female. My life shit the bed and I had to move so I had to chop them. IMG_1638.PNG IMG_1630.PNG
    Bank Breaker

    Bank Breaker Well-Known Member

    Blue Steel
    Prob 6th or 7th week. Because i remember running these for another 2 weeks just to see what would happen.
    So i don't know if i agree with the earlier post about 'extra care' or watching it everyday because its proned to hermie. Not sure what a hermie plant looks like because ive seen guys post absolutely beautiful plants labelled 'hermies'. I thought maybe it was an insider joke i didn't get so i didn't say anything lol.

    -Thats 2 plants different phenos..
    -one pine cone head pheno
    -one nugget bulb shaped pheno

    Smelled like blueberry og alright.. super sticky dense dense plants. Definitely give this one a chance if you're looking for a fruity berry smelling plant. First plant to ever smell like blueberry mints during veg. I knew it was going to be special :)

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    Bank Breaker

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    Bank Breaker

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    Bank Breaker

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    Bank Breaker

    Bank Breaker Well-Known Member

    Sorry I didn't post all these at once.. was in a rush this morning.

    I thought these plants were very pretty all the way through. A good strong veg was all it needed. I don't transplant. They go straight into those Small NO FRILLS shopping bags you buy for $3Cad. If i had to guess, its 5-7 gallons worth of mix.

    Major root porn action going on with those bags because its so god damn breathable. I've never even tried 'smart pots' or those other brands you buy at gardening suppliers but if you're on a budget DEFINITELY get yourself those reusable shopping bags a try.

    Overall very strong sturdy plants. Never used stakes or anything.
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