Fimming With My Blaze: A Complete How to FIM Guide

Tsk tsk.. Thats basic plant biology.. auxin travels downward from the apical meristem inside the topmost shoot.. Auxin tells a plant to grow for main height dominance.. Alter that signal, and more growth energy will be diverted to secondaries.. In the case of topping/FIM all energy is diverted obviously, but LST works on the same principle.. Uncle Ben has explained it fairly well in his thread a few times... I definitely have a bit more reading to do! I do love it when people take the time to actually LEARN at the academic level about growing. Good shit M8!


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This is abbout the finest thead in english OR german about that lovely technique FUCK I MISSED.

We believe that it is so called because of a grower who just missed the common LST method and learned that his "mistake" brought him even more branches :clap:
Lovely, aint it?

And just like Ahzweepay allready said, this thead totally takes the mystery out of this topic, now i am going to try my own luck :weed:

Thanks a lot!
Very impressive thread goin on here, I dig on the photos you good folks posted man! Ive done this with my Widow (Mr.Nice) weed my last 3 outdoor grows and it knocked me over when Id walk into the jungle to check-up on them an their like freaking out everywhere man. A definite technique for the creative tokers. PeaceMan!
Thanks M blaze, This helped!

Question is, will this be good for a Blueberry auto?

Cuzz kalen2 says no. :-| Maybe ill just remember this for one day when I make a proper grow room with non auto plants and lots of clones *mad hysterical laugh*

I just ran an experiment on this for the specific reason to find out what does better. I FIMed one and let the other just do its own thing. Yes, the FIMed one has a couple main colas but its nowhere near the weight that the regular one has. FIMming seemed to really stress is to the point where there was hardly any growth for a week. I would say the best thing is either a little bit of LST or just let em be. I've heard that a lot of autos don't react well to trims so make sure you research the strain before you make a decision.


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my plant already has 5 nodes and the new growths are coming out crazy, i havent topped or anything but where the hell do I FIM/CUT at?????


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yup that looks good to me you should get more then one top cola i fimmed my bitches got 2 with 6 top colas it an awesome technique


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ok so i have been growing for some time and never heard of FIM until i read this thread. i have always topped them and had great success. Once i read this i decided to give it a try on 36 clones i had just put into 1 gallon pots. amazing results and on my first try i managed to get 30 out of 36 to sprout 4 tops instead of 2. Let me know what you think. And thank you so much for this great thread and two green thumbs up!!