First DWC, buds not getting fat enough.

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    Hi guys, already have posted before showing some problems that I had with my girls at the beginning. Now the plants have 70 days old and compared to my soil grows the buds looks super thin.
    I'm working with a 450w (real watts) Growmaster Led (1800w efficiency). 5 gallons buckets, with 6w air pump each bucket. Hesi nutrients, actually working with 1,8 EC because they got nut burn with 2,0. PH in 5,8. Environment temperature 24°C and water temperature 20~21° C. With an air conditioner working at 18°C.( there is like 30~32°C outside my growing room). Good ventilation with air extractor and intractor.
    The girls grown vigorously in veg (not taking in count the problems that 2 of the 4 had) and continued growing nice in pre flowering stage, but they didn't seem to get fat enough yet and the buds looks mature.
    It seems strange for me that the buds are getting leaves full of resin instead of calyxes and they don't look fat at all...
    They are 2 think different from Dutch passion (the 2 at top) and 2 dark devil from sweet seeds.They were supposed to be ready in 10~11 weeks from the first day, maybe I just need to give them more time, I dunno.

    I don't really know what I'm doing wrong so any comment or idea is welcome.

    20170131_160911.jpg 20170131_160915.jpg 20170131_160931.jpg 20170131_160952.jpg 20170131_160957.jpg 20170131_161005.jpg 20170131_161103.jpg
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    do you use so much Nitrogen ? for me they look dark green, and that should not be the case in flower phase, in flower plant needs, P, K, Sulfur and cal mag. im just a noob tho.

    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Some strains just dont yield,much.

    Your plant doesnt look healthy so im sure it has thay going against it.

    OneHitDone Well-Known Member

    What size is your tent? If that's 450W from the wall I would say lack of light and probably too high of an ec.
    I am finding in dwc that lower ec is where it is at
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    xxorezxx Active Member

    The size of the tent is 120 x 120 x 200 cms. And I'm using this LED

    xxorezxx Active Member

    Also my girlfriend used a 60w LED (300w efficiency) same manufacturer in her first grow with soil and she got respectable denses buds, lot more dense than mine.

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    xxorezxx Active Member

    Also first time using LED and first time doing DWC, hope the light is not the problem.

    Lion-O Active Member

    New here, but I veg using led, then have hps for flower. Started flower with just led but they were showing signs of deficiency. If have access to hps try that.

    xxorezxx Active Member

    Well at the moment of harvest I realized that the first 2 got nitrogen toxicity so, that's why I think.

    xxorezxx Active Member

    Also got a decent 120grams per plant, so 480 in total in a 120x120x200cm tent, so it was a medium size harvest, I think it was fair enough for my first try in DWC, but I got lot of experience.

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    ReZziE New Member

    Hi there ,Are you using any pk boosters those stems are very purple that could be a sign of a lack in potassium in bloom (or has been locking out ) and probably could have used a few nips of some pk . perhaps topping off with nutes (unsure if that was the case). to me they look like that other than that i think youve done well..she probably needs more air also in the solution also lower the levels right down in flower for some more resin production and air to the roots. cheers man nice job :)

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