First Grow - 5x Girl Scout Cookies Auto.


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Well this is a final post now, I won’t be posting here anymore - I’ll be starting a new grow journal too.

For those who have followed - I hope you’ve all learnt something from this.

The final weigh in now it’s all dried and trimmed is 309 grams, or just over 11 ounces. This is the weight off 5 plants. The Glue Gelato went to a friend so that can’t count. now its going into glass jars for curing I plan to cure for around 2-3 weeks now. Although the smoke as it is, is pure knockout so I’m not sure how much better curing will make it?

Some of my best nugget shots of the final product;

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I said this was a last post but I couldn’t resist. I’ve weighed an ounce of dried bud and trim, and I’m turning this into canna butter for some special brownies. Here’s a quick shot of it in the oven... yum!



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Wow! Looks great! What wattage light and type do u use? I have a TS1000 Mars. The veg stage plants are separate. I have 3 total grows. All GSC Auto. The veg are on day 13 days old. The other is a month in to Flowering. Just starting to fatten up.