First grow going awesome. Anyone ever use this LED?

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Hey everyone, this is my first post! Been real excited about my first grow going so well. I'm only using 172 actual watts for this single plant. Right now on week 8 flower (gelato bagseed).

What I've been really impressed with is this cheap LED flowering light made by GE. I have 3 cheap LED lights total (GE 32w full spectrum, GE 30w flowering, and a 110w Parfactworks full spectrum). Anyone ever use this? I'm really curious to know more about these lights because they've put on considerable more growth to my buds compared to my other higher wattage lights

I think I'll stick with LEDs for my future grows because their technology seems to keep getting better. I would definitely recommend this flowering light as a supplemental light!


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I am just starting my led 3600w 4×8 tent .my first indoor have 12 lady's to start out with .I am curtis as to how this will go


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Nice! As long as you got those watts spread out nicely it should be fine.
I am working on my foot print of light I think I may have it set pretty good at this point temperature is staying around 72f-75f 45% humidity ..I a have gotten about 5 inches of growth in my first week running my lights 18-6