First harvest, how does she look?


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Congrats on getting there with what looks like some :fire: on your maiden voyage!
How much did you yeild?
Thank you, I'm still shocked I made it far on my first grow. I've never grown anything in my life haha

Between 4 plants, I'm over 1k grams dry (popcorn buds included)

Planning to do bubble hash with the popcorn and trims, if there's something easier to make let me know!


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Over 35 ounces dry between 4 autos?
Got pics?
Yup between 4 autos. Check out my journal in my sig for more details.

Here's a pic of my 4x4 a few weeks before chop

The LST monster on the back left was a huge chunk of my yield.

More pics/details in my grow diary



Uh I can't get a 1/2lb out of an auto. The people I know who do consistently won't stop bragging about it.
One time, and never again yet, I got 1lb from two GG4 autos. Seven ounces from one which was great smoke. The nine ounce plant fox tailed and I ended up making bubble out of it.

Unga Bunga

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Definitely couch lock since I harvested @ week 12

Plus I'm literally smoking every minute of the day and rolling up eigth blunts, I have too much weed which is a problem I never imagined having.

My my old guerilla partner and I were smoking a joint once while fishing and a guy with us who had known us all of 2 days commented "nobody who pays for their weed rolls joints that big !" . So I know the feeling !

I like couch lock these days as I mainly smoke in the late evening now . Still looking for a "couch lock/time stopper" high .

Strains that make 20 minutes seem like 3 hours are scarce it seems .