First time set up help!


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Hey there! This will be my first grow and I am needing some guidance! My white widow feminized seeds will be here by 10/15. I made a grow tent ⛺ in my closet and it is 5x7ft. There is a 2x3ft opening in the ceiling where I am building a ventilation system, and plan to add a carbon filter in a couple weeks. I have one 16 inch oscillating fan that sits on the floor. Is one enough for this space? I have a humidifier and planned to use it the first couple weeks during the seedling stage and then switch to dehumidifier for the rest of the grow. I have read white widow likes the heat will I need a heater? It is naturally without running equipment about 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 50-60% humidity. I have a 3000w LED light , I’ll post a picture below. Please tell me if this is enough to support five plants? I want to grow the right amount of plants that will thrive. I am wanting to do 5 plants, but I am not sure if that light is enough. I am using fox farm ocean forest soil and adding (25%??) perlite. I have a digital Ph tester and Ph adjuster kit. How often do you test the soil run off? My plan was to germinate, then plant in 2.9 quart plastic pots with holes in the bottom.. then at 3-5 weeks transplant to 5 gallon smart pots. Originally I was going to directly plant the seedling in the 5-gal smart pot, but I’m undecided.. just trying to find the best option. Also I had read that for watering the first couple weeks you’re supposed to use a spray bottle and spray a few times a day. I really need a good reference for a detailed watering schedule From planting to harvest. Please let me know what I haven’t thought of! I am open to ANY and all ideas and advice. Thanks everyone!



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That light isn't enough for 5 plants unless you keep them really small. It's not actually 3000 watts. That's just marketing nonsense. You'll need another one if you want to grow 5 decent sized plants. And ignore the veg and bloom switches. Run them both all the time. Water, let them dry out, and water when they need it. I use a sprayer with seedlings. Get one of those that you can pump and spray instead of the squeeze handle ones. They only cost about $10.

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If you can have the 3 pots in a triangle ️ set up that light will be good but if you have to have them in a straight line it might not be enough. I actually had to get a second light once they got big to make sure all 3 had enough light. If white window is anything like white rhino be ready for some bushy ass plants with huge fans