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    It’s no secret that we’re a bit crazy when it comes to dishing out freebies to our valued customers: In fact, The Vault is committed to giving away more freebies than any other seeds site out there – and we’ve also made it a core policy to give out free seeds with every single order (Check out our current offers at https://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk/cat_offers.html)

    Not to forget we even allow you to choose your own premium quality freebies from some of the worlds best breeders including Barneys Farm, Sweet Seeds ®, Royal Queen Seeds, Seedsman, Phoenix Seeds, and FastBuds!

    Factor in our frequent amazing giveaways, spectacular promos and huge contests and it is plain to see that #YouCantFaultTheVault when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck from #TEAMVAULT

    Whilst George works on the finer details of our next big promo in conjunction with one of our breeders (he is planning to launch soon) here’s a midweek FLASH OFFER for you to get your teeth into; just use discount code FLASH15 in the cart anytime between now and midnight on Sunday 12th Nov 2017 (UK Time) EXTENDED NOW TO 48 HOURS for a whopping 15% of your total order, you will still get all your normal freebies too so what are you waiting for?

    Head on over to The Vault – www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk now to place your order.

    To make sure you never miss any of our offers, promos and competitions again sign up to The Vaults newsletter now at http://eepurl.com/U2sFj
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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    I almost placed an order yesterday. Glad I waited.

    Does the 10% off first order still apply too to get 25% off total purchase? Or just one offer at a time?

    And you guys still can take int'l credit cards?
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    George Seeds

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    Only 1 offer can be used at any time.

    Still taking int'l credit cards too :)
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    ChocoKush Member

    Do you all give discounts or free seeds if you use bitcoins?
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    George Seeds

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    Hi Buddy,

    This is something we are planning to offer soon but for now you can get 10% off your order using GEORGE10
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    Happygirl Well-Known Member

    To late for the Flas15 but just posted in promo giveaway glad to hear c.c are accepted glad to hear GEORGE10 gives discounts more reason to check out the vault.
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