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    Tankado78 Well-Known Member

    Hello RIU Family!
    As many may know, although this isn’t my 1st grow, by all means do I still consider myself a NEWB in every sense of the word. Don’t get me wrong, I have successfully grown a total of about 10 plants, but only in 3 grows or 2 seasons.... I guess! Lol. Still, I’ve noticed something about the ladies that I’ve grown no matter what the breed or species. Taste n Flavor! Many of you who have many grows under ya belts might be able to help me more or better than others or most. I personally realized that the taste that I get from the ladies aren’t bad, yet they all have a very distinctive taste or flavor. Now, I’m pretty sure that it’s due to something I’m doing or not doing, cause I’ve changed the way I’ve grown from or since the 1st time. The 1st round, I was very highly dependent on nutes with my grows. This time around, which would be the 3rd grow, I’ve gone no-til n basically all natural. I’ve ridden bottled nutes completely n have only used dry nutes to amend the soil. Brought a ton of worms for a compost bin, but chose not to use a lot of food waste for the soil. Long story short, it’s now rounding to my harvest time n although the trichromes are starting to cloud here n there, they’re all not cloudy. I took a clipping from one of the ladies(this is where I believe I go wrong) n I dried it out over a period of a few days n proceeded to smoke. She’s a beautiful purple tone(which I attribute to the cold) n literally smells like Bubblicious bubble gum, hence the name of this one, Bubblicious. The taste is where my problem is. It taste like my other grows. I honestly haven’t done 1 step, that I can’t see being the whole issue or problem, but if it is, it would be understandable n make perfect sense. I personally never jarred n burped my bud. I’ve cut down plants, trimmed to perfection, n then dried out upside down for 7-10 days or however long it would take for the stem to somewhat snap when ya break it. Is it possible that that particular step is what has all the bud I’ve grown tasting pretty much the same? It has a somewhat earthy taste, but at the same time it’s hard to describe. I know I’m going on about this, but I’m a lil baked n it’s 4 in the morning. So, if anyone of you guys/gals have any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong or not doing, plz let a dude know! If there’s something that can be done for me to remedy this situation, I would be more than obliged to hear how. As always, thank you RIU Family in advance. Keep’em growing n keep on tokin’!
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Try more punctuation, like starting new paragraph's. That is a pain in the ass to read!

    Wrong? You told us nothing but "no till"....... So how did you amend the soil?
    Do any "spiking" in bloom?
    How well balanced is your S in the mix and if the soil is on it's second or third run, how are you re-amending for S?

    Ever think of organic sourced Mg sulfate and potassium sulfate mixed in watering's to enhance terps and trich's..

    You should know that Mg sulfate = Berry/Grape influence
    Potassium sulfate = Citrus influence

    Serva Well-Known Member

    Actually yes, your drying method won‘t produce anything else beside some, earthy, spicy hay, and personally I get headaches smoking this uncured weed, because it still contains alot of chlorophyll. That‘s the point, why we cure our weed, to start the fermentation, get rid of all this green colour, getting lovely golden nuggets in the end, after a few MONTHS sometimes! From my pov, there is a point like 3-4 weeks into curing, where the smell and also the potency increases nicely.

    stoned-monkey Well-Known Member

    I did not know this. thanks.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Good weed is 50% growing and 50% curing.
    The soil around my house gives all weed a distinct citrusy flavor.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    my weed tastes like sweet heaven a few weeks after drying what am I doing wrong?(lol)

    op= your drying room controls are paramount to this discussion, as well as your exact feeding/watering habits, and light choices, room temps and humidity, air scrubber use.
    mold is a killer of flavors and happens often in the drying space as well as during flowering...your control settings will show risk factors for instance, share those and get ready for a spankin' :)
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    Tankado78 Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for your replies, even those that attack my grammar. Lol. Seriously, I appreciate all. I will try to cure the bud better than I have or actually just cure it period. I’ll also stop asking questions while 2 stoned. Once again, I thank you all for ya words of wisdom

    Gumdrawp Well-Known Member

    A bit off topic but I've seen you post this a bunch. If you were to use both together would the strains natural flavor come out stronger or would it just come out some weird amalgamation of both?

    I grow multiple strains in the same area, and I'm pretty lazy so simplicity in mixing the res once instead of twice would be cool lol.
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    Tankado78 Well-Known Member

    Much obliged @Serva! Due to the fact that I’ve grown healthy plants successfully, I had to wonder or ask if it was all about the curing. My first grow was was done hydroponically n I thought maybe that was the issue. Then I moved on to using soil, FFHF I believe since I’ve read a many n a plenty using the Fox Farm soils. Once I’ve fully grown the ladies out in soil n gotten the same results as far as taste, I thought maybe it was the additives or nutes that I was using to cause the earthy goodness taste. Lol. This time around I used the same soil from the previous round, except leaving the bottled nutes alone. I amended the soil with crab meal, neem meal, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, n 1 other I can’t remember at the moment. Curious, I took a bud off n dried her out n smoked n had the same earthy taste. As I stated b4, the only thing I seen myself doing or not doing was the curing n didn’t know how much of a big part it played in taste of the bud. Somewhat impatient, I couldn’t see myself doing the whole curing method after waiting months for the ladies to fully mature. Now that I’ve been skool’d, I will focus on curing the ladies with the same care n dedication I put into the grow alone. Once again, thank you Serva as well as everyone else who has given me helpful advice. Truly can’t wait to see or taste the difference. Keep up the awesome grows n the awesome advice to match. Thankx!
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    By abscense of O2 the sugar in the plant material (which makes dark ash, and a harsh taste) will be processed by bacteria into alcohol, that‘s called fermentation. Sometimes you need to open the jars, for some air exchange, to keep things going. You’ll find proper tutorials here about curing, and you could google BOVEDA, some humidity controlling packs. I use them, because it‘s easy and safe, though I think they reduce the scent (this is a personal opinion for sure!).
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    I do that. I like the results. Try it out!
    For hydro? In bloom. Start right at the flip....
    I might start at 5ml each per gallon of res volume used. You could slide that up to 10 ml at the 4 week mark. Hold that till the last 2-3 weeks and cut them out of the mix at that point.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Ever find proof of this claim? I have not.

    Please show something that points to these nutrients directly causing flavors.

    Why would botanicare need to add grape Esther’s to the sweet product then? Or citrus or berry?

    Sweet raw is mag sulfate. But marketed as to not induce any flavors.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    How about you try it?

    How about the fact that differing chemical compounds will effect different production rates of the terps. involved in smells and flavors of cannabis. HT reported on variations of this, and how some terps directly effect the type/intensity of buzz felt too.

    Chemical compounds effecting the out puts of certain plant compounds are directly used in the production of flavoring agents and medical plant compounds. Proof of these facts are available in papers available on google scholar....We used this in growing Yews for the taxol.

    As far as Botanicare, or anyone else making marketing claims.....So when did it become a fact of marketing claims by nutrient producers be true? How about that others combine the 2 and make claims of increasing that which which you don't believe. So far as having the same exact formula in bottles with pretty pictures of different fruits on them, and claiming to increase the smell and taste of the depicted fruit?

    How about that certain other, high priced supplements say theirs does.

    Botanicare sells it's Sweet Raw as a terp and trich enhancer. Some may not want that fruity enhancement with their none fruity strain profiles. So why should they bring that up then? Might reduce sales......

    Fruit esters - Are actual flavor compounds..... Now how do those actually effect plant production of terps? So If I use Mountain Dew. Will that "flavor" my plant?

    Botanicares use of "fruit esters" is misleading at best.......In reality, it's a marketing ploy to sell more to the uneducated hoard of growers.
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    growin-Jables Well-Known Member

    See....Marijauna is similar to wine or whiskey. In the sense that " aging" or " curing" is what your going after. I only trim off the fan leaves before hanging my plants for 3 days in 75 degree room at 45 - 50% rh with a small amount of air circulation. This allows it to dry enough where I wont have to worry about it molding. I snip off all the buds and fill a mason jar up half way with buds and then leave the lid off. I stir it 3-4 times a day. after about 4 or 5 days of this is when I start putting the lid on the jars and burping twice a day. Ideally, you want to dry it as slow as possible without having any of it mold. Yes, its smokeable after 1 or 2 weeks of drying. But where your really going to see the terpenes and flavor show up is letting it cure in a jar for 1 to 2 months. Usually closer to 2 months. I was amazed at how much more potent and flavorful it is after a 2 month cure. Before my buds rarely made it two months long before being smoked. But now I rarely even test any until at least one month into its cure. People are not joking when they say it all comes down to the cure. You can have every aspect of growing down. But if you don't cure it, your not going to end up with the results you want most likely

    Serva Well-Known Member

    I’s always the hardest part, doing nothing, and wainting :)
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    So you read a high times article and “know” of papers you love to quote but never show.

    The plants genetics decide the terps but the proper balance of nutrients allows it to grow to its potential.

    This is all really hobbiest talk while the actual ratios are being tested and anylized by the big nutrient companies. Dyna Grow will have fertilizer for us specifically for hybrids soon according to print ads.

    I asked once again for any proof of your claims and your word of mouth is all you got.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    By picture, you can grow. I never said you couldn't. BUT,,,,
    Trolling is your real skill.

    You have a problem with people you disagree with. Sadly, the ones you really pick on, far outclass your skills and knowledge.
    You managed to piss off a whole site that you have to be invited to join. Now in your book, no one grows right over there.
    You did this by insulting a grower of over 40 years, who happens to be the site owner. Because you don't believe he grows right. That's only part one.

    You've never even tried that style, much less actually know anything about it. Not really covered in those "grow books" you gained all your narrow minded knowledge from. (Other then the ONE breeder that bothered to answer your pestering emails). Can you see why others didn't now?

    Then comes the insult to his strains. The claim is that one friend (of yours) stopped in and tried his gear. 1 strain. This one person, you claim, said it was "middler" at best.
    Yet the thing is there's so many people that have tried his gear that say 100% the strain is fire.

    That's how many? to 1 against, YOUR story!

    He's involved with several other quality boutique breeders and they have a little seed bank going now. Successful too!

    You attack each of those who have tried your gear, and said it was middler at best.......

    Who are we to believe? A long list of people or you and one other person? And we're getting his story from you! When you look at the #'s. I tend to believe that only 1 person is embellishing their story.

    I stood up and defended his honor. More like simply said you should lighten up and forget about it, to leave them alone and they'll leave you alone. Now I'm on your attack list, and have been since doing exactly that the first time.

    You claim your "jars" do your talking......
    How about that jar to jar challenge I invite you to? Anytime, anywhere. Let your jars do the talking then! Put up, or shut up!

    Lately you said you wish I would have left you on ignore. You never where. I simply had nothing to say to you. You posted to a thread, and I answered with simply information, to the thread. Some how, you got offended.
    There was no insult or malace in my response. Now your off on attack mode again......Oh, that's right, I made some comment on your thinly veiled insults to ttystikk, again....That bothered you......

    You define yourself by your actions.

    Don't go away angry. Just go away....Bet you don't.

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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    The patient I am friends with in Colorado tried five different RM3 strains grown and cured by rm3 and I tried 2. And we both shared them with multiple testers.

    Rid is a fraud. His garden is mostly stunted and burnt. He had no idea what he is doing. His reading comprehension is low.

    Yours is a bit higher but you got your Grow knowledge from the internet and present to be an expert just like him.

    I will correct and challenge you internet “experts” until you go away. Your information is inconsistent and suspect. And no one at rm3 showed any special results or knowledge. They did have more plant problems in ratio than even here. And so many of them shared mites from their supposedly safe clones and gardens with each other.

    You still haven’t proven any of the high times marketed bullshit you alternately praise and condemn.

    And I still haven’t seen your special papers that you say proves any of your claims. And it’s pretty obvious you are showing someone else’s garden.

    I don’t need to compete with you. All the people who sampled rm3 and my weed here and in Colorado request mine.

    And you are an admitted lightweight. How could you know if anything is potent and good?

    I smoke constantly. I eat edibles every day. I get high every single time. Real high. That is the only proof I needed.

    Rids strains grown from a grower he praises here gave me buds. We couldn’t give the things away for free to any patient who came for meds.

    They all left them on the table when they left.

    And I have complimented every good Grow on his site.

    Why do you think they hide over there? Because the growers here respect them?

    You belong there doc.

    Show some actual proof of your claims like I do or go just be a Riddler.

    I hear they have t-shirts to buy so you can help get money to the head con man.

    While you are with them could you get me back the quality seeds I gave everyone. I only got back problematic s-1’s for my expense.

    And a few ok elite crosses from tjack. They still aren’t in ch9 league. Not even close. About 1 out of 4 liked classic headband over BLT.

    Still waiting for you to justify any thing I asked?

    But you won’t. You read the shit in a blog.

    Oh and many of the riddlers call themselves breeders. They got ridiculed here. And his main one and seed bank got only complaints of not sending seeds after receiving money each time he started a thread.

    Their motto is riddlers don’t pay for seeds they breed.

    They chuck pollen at a few plants in a Grow tent.

    There was no professional breeding being done on that site.

    Just recently someone here started a thread trying to find one of their favorite members and growers. They referred him to a noob who had delusions of grandeur in Oregon to be his head grower.

    The thread started was that the Riddler grower disappeared and owes the guy money.

    Yeah you belong over there. Fraud!
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    Odin* Well-Known Member

    @MichiganMedGrower I’m sure that we can agree that the same strain grown in different environments/by different growers can (and, more often than not, will) express very different “nose” and flavor profiles, offer different “highs” (or “stones”). Both the buds and plant development can appear vastly dissimilar, but from the exact same Genetics. This would be due to what the plant is/isn’t given, what it is/isn’t able to “ingest”, and what it is/isn’t able to synthesize.

    “Growing” is an art in itself. Manipulation of the plants metabolic pathways is the highest degree of this art in a concerted effort (between grower and plants) to “expose” the plant’s visual appeal, olfactory smell, flavors, oils, as well as the level/complexity of the high/stone.

    To agree with the first part is to agree with the second, which, in a “roundabout, inadvertent” way, is to agree with @Dr. Who .

    Throwing a bunch of magnesium sulfate in the mix will not give you a mixed bowl of berries, but if you can get the plant to utilize it...

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    I am aware of what you are saying.

    2 cuttings from the same plant can grow differently corn variety of reasons in the same system even.

    What I am saying is the Growers I am challenging are in no way in control of their Grows to that degree and are merely hobbiests quoting blogs and even their own inconclusive side by sides.

    So if they are going to pretend to teach. I ask for legitimate info. Not the word of a permanent noob.

    I spent months on riddlers site. It is as I describe. And they all blindly support rm3 even when they don’t agree or believe him. It is his personal fraternity. And he is a con man. One that has to pick on noobs to feed his ego as professionals think he is a goof.

    Our blind testing against rm3 strains against ch9 strains was 100% conclusive. The ch9 properly grown had every effect and potency that rm3 claims his is the best at. And his offered regular snowboarding locals at copper mountain a light buzz with good flavor. No other comments and no one wanted more.

    Here in Michigan same results with another Riddler growing rm3 crap.

    If it was better or even good I would put more into their claims. But they are not showing results from their claims.

    And at my skill level. I try to get a plant to reach its potential by simply keeping a balance of diverse forms of nutrients as available to the plants as I can. And focus on environmental stability and light distance.

    They say to do things like add potassium sulfate because it builds trichs.

    But when I tried it it burned my plants as they had plenty of potassium and sulfer already.

    The focus on sulfer especially as it is in my well, soil and nutes already is plain bad advice.

    They don’t know to even ask the right questions because they still grow with trial and error.

    I’m not even sure Dr. Who is who he says he is because of the rediculous inconsistency of his info and sources and made up elite strains he supposedly holds. Lol.
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