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Yo Lib, have u checked out the roots yet? Got enough room for flower or u gonna throw the pot pro on top of a bigger pot?
Yo Lib, have u checked out the roots yet? Got enough room for flower or u gonna the pot pro on top of a bigger pot?
Some pots have had roots coming out of the bottom since about day 13. I will be running them all the way in just the pot pros. This cut finishes in about 56 days of flower, bringing us to around 84 days total from rooted clone to harvest.
Hey everybody! Sorry for the hiatus, enjoyed a wonderful family vacation. Quick update this week, round 2 of veg has started. It's around 10 days in. I do have a runt in this litter, oh well. The first round is about 12 days into flower, they get stripped to just the top growth on day 1. Canopy pic is 10 days in. Automation did its job as far as feeding, but I really regret not having trays or tables done in flower yet.
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How is their coco?
Is it as clean advertised with EC less than 0.6 ?
Does it need rinsing to clear away coco dust which can turn into a sludge?
Have to buy 12 blocks at a time but they do have good prices per 5K block unless it’s salty dirty coco.


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I had tested a run of this gear in a recirculating too drip setup i pieces together but the grow was cut short. The time I used it I was loving it. Crazy growth with this system. There’s pics in one of my journals. Good to see people still giving this a shot. The main benefit for me is you don’t need to have as large of a res like if you did regular flood and drain trays. I was running hydroton in mine


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Running them now (8"), so far so good, but only a couple weeks in from sprout. They have a nice low profile if height is an issue. Not the most sturdy, but they are cheap enough to replace if they break. The corners and the bottoms where the mesh attaches to the walls are fairly fragile and breaks will happen there.

You'll need to place some mesh or something like coco mat or felt in the bottom before filling with coco, as their openings are large and let coco flow out first waterings.

The bottom posts raise the pots nicely off the bottom of the saucers or trays and make for really nice draining action. The coco bricks that are placed in the flora pots (if you use them) are high EC and need to be flushed or your young plants may suffer (the runoff EC was 1.4 when hydrated with 0.6, so had to do a thorough flush). Their claim that all u need to do is add nutrient solution to runoff then plant is BS...they definitely need to be flushed, so their florapot coco minibricks are not plug and play.
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