Flush in DWC, how did my water go from 150 to 1200 ppm?

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    Lol but was I wrong? You know microbes aren't gonna make your ppms jump from 150 to 1200ppm. And you're familiar with dwc, so you also know how salts build up in the medium and even the root system.

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    It's simple osmosis and diffusion. Bacteria can't create ppm's out of nowhere - and in hydroponics the nutrients are ALREADY available to the plants in a liquid form and do NOT need to be broken down first. That's the whole idea of hydroponics...

    During most of the plant's life, the ionic concentration in the nutrient solution is slowly being raised. By the time the peak is reached in flower the plant, and roots, are loaded with ions. When you lower the ppm's to flush, you are making the solution LESS concentrated than inside the plant and nutrients begin to diffuse OUT of the plant and back into the solution - raising it's ppm. At the same time, osmosis cause WATER to flow from solution and INTO the plant. Both processes happen until an ionic equilibrium is reached. Then you lower the solution strength and start it again.

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    Most likely it's mainly from nutrient salt buildup. 400 is still quite low and I wouldn't worry about it. I use hard water for my hydro system and it's close to 300. Personally on my last reservoir change I fill with fresh water, peroxide and let it run for about a half hour. Then I drain and refill with fresh water and peroxide again. Wait for the water temps to stabilize then Ph 5.8-6.2. Your pics look great. You're doing it right!
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