Foam on roots please tell me it’s the Bennies working?

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    GreenBro$ New Member

    I woke up this morning to check the ph and looked at my roots and they have a slime building up on the nice white roots with foam it’s like a clear slime please tell me it’s not Pythium or root rot barging in?

    My Setup;

    30 gallon tote (Green color) with 25 Gallons of tap water topped off with distilled water PHd to 5.5 - 6.0
    ‘6 Cool Tube 600w set at 360 thats 18 inches away inside 24x59x42 tent
    Lid is light proofed
    6 fems from seed, 11 days old today 2/13/18
    Tent temperature: 73 Room Room Temp: 66
    R/H: 33%
    Nutes: GH Flora trio 1/4 strength added yesterday w/ GH SubCulture B

    Everything was fine until this morning now there is a funny smell lingering and a clear slime and foam coating working it’s way up my roots I added GH SubCulture B in yesterday as well could this just be the bennies at work? Any input would be nice because I’m freaking out about to dump the whole and start over I will try to add a clearer pic.

    Also the sets of first true leaves are starting to twist is this normal? F7A8A518-1188-48D2-9D6D-B9F465A40B68.jpeg 3DFE6B82-233C-45EC-ACDA-DEBA5FB5C9F6.jpeg 6E1E4F68-C597-4E45-B5B3-B5D28671D74E.jpeg
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    GreenBro$ New Member

    Forgot to add this is my second grow, first one was with great success only thing different im doing is the tote color and adding GH Subculture B also the problem first started a few days ago then I dumped, scrubbed and cleaned the hell out of res, tubing, air stones, and lid then light proofed it! so im scratching my head on this that’s why I’m wondering could it be from the GH SubCulture B?

    Ppm are at: 400
    Also res has 4 airstones with a two pump system so the res is fairly aerated

    MuckyDucky Well-Known Member

    I have never heard of harmless slime. Sounds like the slime I got years ago when I tried DWC. I'd guess your water temp is too high and/or your res needs to be WELL aerated, not fairly. I do flood n drain now with the res sitting outside of grow tent with 2 big bubblers. No problems now.

    Rahz Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Doesn't look like pythium which is good. Probably bacteria. Hit it with some compost tea or run 5ppm sodium hypochlorate in plain PHed water for 24 hrs, then rinse everything well and replace with nutrient solution and bennies. As mentioned, doubling up on the air stones can be helpful.

    Jburns111 New Member

    Tbh looks like the Bennificial bacteria I'm assuming you just had a spike of dissolved organics. Everything should go back to normal on its own.

    kingtitan Well-Known Member

    @GreenBro$ I just dealt with slime. brew the tea and skip pulling your hair out. take a look at my grow journal in my signature and you can see my slime battle.

    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    When you say:

    "30 gallon tote (Green color) with 25 Gallons of tap water topped off with distilled water PHd to 5.5 - 6.0"

    ..what do you mean ?

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