for those that talk about guns,,

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    who is Mr Head.. is what I meant.

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    Are you even Canadian? you say you carry a side arm so clearly you are not Canadian and also you need to know what we are talking about from the start, my hick comment was not aimed at you and for the record I come from a family of hicks. My point from the start is that in Canada we have a gun problem and people are getting killed by guns, key word "Killed" yet our Gov keeps trying to tell the public about the harms of Cannabis to us as a people and also as a harm to our "Children" the Toronto police just spent over 2 million dollars to follow an activist around for 6 months so they can bust him with some weed that is about to be legal, yet in our biggest city in our country "Toronto" people specially children are actually getting hurt and killed by guns on a daily basis, my point was if you want to go after weed on that grounds then by principle you need to go after something that is actually killing and hurting citizens.

    Based on all your arguments about it is not the guns that kill it is people, well then weed should be allowed, heck it is not the weed that kills people it is people that kills people. Fuck based on your guys way of thinking we should just ban people then eh?

    I should also add if I lived in a country that I could carry a side arm legally I would because in Canada the playing field is not level. Thugs have guns but the average person cannot have a gun for protection.

    At the end of the day if you are an avid gun supporter then your views will collide with the Cannabis world because to admit Cannabis is safe you have to admit that guns are not, and none of you gun toting gun will admit that guns are a problem. Anyways I have retired from this argument because twisted, gb and hippy are not on my level of intelligence to even debate them, I am only answering you because I think you are not Canadian and I think you do not know our full debate you took one of my comments out of context.

    The funny thing is I do not hate guns, like I said if I could legally carry I would, I was simply pointing out the madness of the Canadian Gov, the Toronto police and a few local politicians who have their heads in the sand and are disconnected as to what is actually going on in the streets of our country.

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    No. I'm not Canadian. I'm still a human. As such I have the inalienable right to protect myself and family.

    Even if guns were banned here I would never turn mine in.

    Yes. Guns are dangerous. So are a million other things. Guns are an inanimate object. A gun can't just jump and kill you. It takes a person.

    Humans have been slaughtering and destroying each other for as long as we had history.

    Comparing cannabis and guns is irrelevant.

    Though it may seem I took it out of context, I didn't.

    I keep my guns locked up. My carry gun is either on me or in a quick safe that opens with a bracelet or finger print.

    I also understand that some people are stupid and are not safe with their guns.

    Carry on. Just my opinion on the matter.
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    End of discussion imo. Canadians do not have a constitutional right to bear arms like the USA. We also don't have the ridiculous amount of related violence and deaths so prevalent in your country. We have our little gang wars and stuff, but there are more shootings every day in the US than there is in Canada in a whole year. I am a gun owner and hunter and I can guarantee you I will use them to protect my family, but I don't understand the American fascination with weapons. You have more mass civilian shootings than the rest of the world's almost like the innocent kids gunned down in their schools are just the price you are willing to pay to pack your sidearm...

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Ill agree that we have a lot of gun violence.

    The rest, no. Sorry but we don't have more than the rest of the world combined. Plenty of more dangerous places to live.

    Just because I'm an American doesn't mean end of discussion or that my thoughts on the subject invalid.

    The whole premise of this thread really doesn't jive. Cannabis and guns are two different things.
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    I see this argument a lot. I wonder if Canada had the same population of people and guns if that argument would still be the same. Per capita I know our gun ownership is similar. Still, population and number of guns counts a lot IMO. No one talks about that statistical anomaly.

    TwistedToker Well-Known Member

    I never said your thoughts were invalid...I appreciate the discussion. I may have exaggerated on 'the rest of the world combined' but you are certainly holding top spot...or so it seems to an outsider. I wouldn't feel safe going to the US....
    And AGREED...cannabis and guns are two very different things, if only we could convince our crooked government of that!
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    TwistedToker Well-Known Member

    I'm no expert, but I doubt Canadian gun ownership is anywhere close to that of the US on a per capita basis. We also have predominately hunting rifles and shotguns whereas Americans like their hand guns and assault rifles. Hand guns are very strictly controlled here and assault rifles are banned. I guess I'm biased (lol) but I think the attitude and being guns an ingrained part of the American culture has more to do with the violence. There are pockets in our major cities that see gun play, but for most of the rest of the country, it's almost non-existent. Having grown up in this culture, it's hard to understand the positives to the American system.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    It really isn't the government. It is the paper, oil, chemical and big pharma lobbying for cannabis to be illegal.

    Damn near everything can be made with cannabis. It was used in medicines.

    I don't quite want to say that cannabis is a cure all. It does cure a lot of ailments. Imagine if over the last 80 years cannabinoids were used and properly researched. I think with the proper ratios of the right cannabinoids most ailments could be cured.

    Things like how an acre of hemp produces four times the paper pulp as an acre of trees.

    Money is the reason cannabis is illegal.
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    No sorry bud. Add 10X the population to Canada and presto gun violence. per capita we are actually similar when you take factors into account.

    zoic Well-Known Member

    Not really, but yes. cannabinoids invoke your body's innate ability to heal itself, your endocannabinoid system. It was in the U.S. pharmacopeia until 1948.

    I have never really cared for guns, but if necessary someday I would get a cross bow, nice and quiet. :twisted:
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    we like to reefer to it as

    "the little green plant that saved the earth"

    THEY just dont want you to know what it is capable of.
    This deal is ENDLESS... An EASILY SEEN Multi trillion dollar commodity>

    awesome stuff for sure to watch it go. Its not even started!,,
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    trippingballs Active Member

    The article doesn't say anything about "per capita", it just takes the US shootings and compares them to the number in Canada, which is obviously not "per capita". Anyways I will walk back my statements, according to Wiki the US has about 112 guns per 100 people vs 30.8 to 100 people in Canada, so I was incorrect. We still have quite a few per 100 people.

    trippingballs Active Member

    We can do some math too. The article says,
    Okay 7089/172 = 41.2 X difference (they can't add in the article). However, the US has approximately 10X the population. On the assumption the trend is linear, we can times the Canadian fatalities by the population differential 10 x 172. Now we have 1720 deaths per 300M people in Canada from gun violence. 7089/1720 = 4.1. So per capita, it is only roughly 4x difference. Per capita. I know this destroys a lot of "Canada is so much more peaceful than the US" but there it is in the numbers.

    And that is based on the assumption that the trend is linear, not that it would go up. Personally, if we had 10X the people (and statistically 10x more guns), I feel that death rate would not stay linear but instead go up closer than 4.1 to the US. The death rate certainly likely would not go down!

    I'm pro gun just so you know but can't handle this pretentious bullshit we Canadians like to tell ourselves about how we are sooo much more peaceful etc. Well ya, we have 10X less people and 40X less guns. ...:)
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    zoic Well-Known Member

    Play all the math games you want, it is still 7000 to 200. Yeah, becoming a hermit looks better every day huh? :twisted:

    trippingballs Active Member

    With 10x the population....duh it is not even a comparable statistic that way!
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    zoic Well-Known Member

    Statistics are just a way to manipulate data to get a desired outcome. RAW DATA is what I am interested in. Geography for example is going to skew the statistics. Where do you think I am more likely to get shot, New York city or Flin Flon Manitoba?

    WHATFG Well-Known Member

    Flin Flon is a crazy

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