Fox Farm big bloom PH measuring issue

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Normally I don't use Fox Farm nutes but a friend just gave me about half a liter each of the Fox Farm Trio so I might as well give them a go.
I noticed that Big Bloom turns my water in such a brown sludge I can barely measure the PH using a "put 3 drops in 5 ml of feeding water" solution. I do not use PH meters anymore since a faulty one almost wrecked a grow. Are other people having the same issue with this? Or should I just not use these nutes if I'm not prepared to use a PH meter?
fox farm big bloom is a 0 npk guano tea that is very biologically active. i use it for 7.0 ph flush sometimes (nuetral ph in rez) and i have great results. i prefer to leave the ph alone on that stuff because. microbes gonna buffer themselves once they hit the soil. i dont like to ph my teas and disturb colonies.
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