fox farm big bloom vs. advanced nutrients big bud??

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    haze20s New Member

    i just puchased both of these and i wanna no which one will have better potency and how stinky and sticky ur plants would be piks if u have ne using any one of these would be great!!! thanx

    celticganja Member

    well of course the stickiness and stinkiness will largely be what strain you have, but I would go with the fox farms, advanced nutrients is good but more hype than anything, I personally use cutting edge solution nutrients, I think they r the best of anything

    Khola22 Active Member

    Fox Farm Beastie Blooms is almost the same as AN Big Bud. I use Beastie and am very pleased with the results. It laregely affects density. If youre looking for sticky oil production use Cha-Ching during the last week before flush

    pfskunk Member

    i think im guna go with fox farm its only my second attempt but i got everything i need exept soil or soiless ? dont know yet and nutrients fox farm seems like a good company i just dont know if i need to buy all the nutes they call for wich include big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom, open sesame, beastie blooms, and cha ching. the problem is i dont have alot of cash i spent it on lights and fans any way i needed to know if i could get by with just three of them wich ones i dont know .need expert advice lol

    captiankush Well-Known Member

    Well, if you use soil, go with Fox farm ocean forest and you wont need any other nutes for atleast 2 months veg. This will give you time to buy the rest of the FF line up.

    and for veg you will need grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom

    in flower you add the open sesame, then beastie blooms and finish up before flush with cha ching

    Remember that this is a full grow line up of nutrients for both veg AND flower.

    I have found the complete line up for under $180 and that will last you for more than one grow.

    BTW look at the soil girls in my log, they are FF beauties as they are using FFOF soil and the whole FF lineup.


    stealthygrower Active Member

    I know you know this but Most of Fox Farms is not "organic" I was curious about Cha Ching and it is not organic....

    JimmyPot Well-Known Member

    Iguana juice is organic.

    MoReJew-ce Member

    Big bloom IS organic. SOME of FF line is not, but BB Def is. They also don't bake their soils, so u gain lots of beneficial microbes in their soil.

    To correct others... mixing the dry Fox farms ferts w the liquid is NOT the way to do it. Their own feeding charts say to use a lot more than u need, but they don't recommend mixing them. The liquid line is blended to work with each other and balance the correct nutes at the correct time. The dry ones l like chaching, open ses, and beastie blooms are to be used together also... not combined w the liquid. Their Bushdoctor series can be used with either the dry or liquid ones though. Those are more of a supplement line, with flush products, sweeteners, microbe injections, humic acid mixes (w L based amino acids too). That BD series is what u should save up for to get done tuned (imo it's not e even worth it for bag seed, only ordered ones). The only things you NEED to get thru the grow are the 3 dry, or 3 liquid ferts though. And yes, even tho their line up is not FULLY organic... it remains pretty close since it does not kill off beneficial organisms as some non organic sometimes do.

    I'd stick w the FF. The Advanced Nutes are overpriced and are not THAT much better marginally.
    Midwest Weedist

    Midwest Weedist Well-Known Member

    Building your own soil would be a lot cheaper and you could recycle it after every harvest for pocket change.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Why is this in ORGANICS?
    One thing mentioned here was organic.....FF Big Bloom

    FF powdered overfeeding poisons are not organic...AN BB is not
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    hyroot Well-Known Member

    Neither are organic. Both are crap. The stinky Ness and sticky depends on genetics and brix levels. The best think you can do is either return them both or throw them away and build yoir own soil.
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    Midwest Weedist

    Midwest Weedist Well-Known Member

    Just realized that @MoReJew-ce revived a ~6 year old thread. He was goggling for something I'd imagine and found this
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    Dirty dick

    Dirty dick New Member

    Anybody have any idea whats going on with this plant. Its my aunt's plant and it was healthy until this morning. Its not taking any water like the rest of them. She has not been giving it any nuts and the ph in the soil is 6.6 - 6.7. Its got me stumped. Any help would be appreciated

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    toomp Well-Known Member

    Big bloom organic
    If reusing soil Big bud will take some flushing

    2 different products. 2 different purposes.
    So they can't compare.
    Advance has an organic line. Use that iguana juice vs ff full line if reusing.

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