Foxy: The White Widow


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Okay guys. Ive got her under a 55W CFL for now. Once she gets a little bigger I'll move her under my 400W Metal Halide.
For flowering, I will use a 400W High Pressure Sodium.
I just transplanted her in FoxFarm: Ocean Forest potting mix.
I'm using Supreme Hydroponics: Grow for her veg stage. I will use FoxFarm: Big Bloom for her flowering stage.

Foxy (13).jpgFoxy (14).jpgFoxy (20).jpgFoxy (24).jpgFoxy (25).jpgFoxy (26).jpg

I italicized all the goodies for you lazy readers out there. :p
Let me know what you guys think!


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She's getting bigger :)

Here's the MH I plan on putting her under.

Here's another one of my girls that I'm getting ready to chop ;)


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Okay, so I decided I wasn't going to use the Metal Halide at all on her because she did so well under the CFLs. I didn't want her to stretch anymore under the MH so I moved her straight to the HPS today. I'm still messing around with my flowering box, trying to get the temps down a little bit. I'll prolly post some pics tomorrow.

Goodnight! :)


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Here she is under the HPS. Looking pretty happy don't you think?

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I gotta find a way to keep the tent cooler. It gets so hot that my other girls in there have very few fan leaves.
I have two small intake fans and one large box fan on top for exhaust. Doesn't seem to be enough :/

Any cheap ideas to cool her down?


not sure but, if the lights are not always on ?, you could spray the leaves with a little water, not straight from the tap of course..
looks great though, you might not want to change anything at this stage, i'm no expert.


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I mist her down occasionally when I'm home. I do the same when I'm trying to get my clones to root. Seems to help them.


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Here's my temp clone box. None of these are Foxy. The one on the right is Tabitha. :)

Here's my recent harvest. No official weight yet, but it looks like a lot eh? :)


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Well, she's about 7 weeks along right now. I'm pretty excited to harvest this beast. I'll post some pictures soon.