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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Cletus clem, Jan 8, 2017.

    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    So, i am not totally green but this is my first grow that I'm running and in charge of. I was running a friends op for a while, cycling and flowering clones from his stock, watering, trimming, drying, the whole deal. The deal: myself and a trustworthy friend decided to go in together and grow some ganj. basically i am hosting the nursery, keeping copies of strains, sexing, popping new beans and what not. on his end, things will be flowered or veg waiting to flower. the flower room is in an old basement. 4' of concrete wall below ground level and 2' of brick, some of which is below, some above. most of the brick is insulated and panda film goes ceiling to floor. the problem is temps have been lower than anticipated. like in the 50s. Now this is with no lights running, but still i think its too low. We will be running a 400 watt mh for veg 18/6, and a 600 watt hps for flower (4x4) just to get things rolling. this spring we will expand out to 5.5'x10, maybe 12 and fortify the 600 with a combo light mover and COB frame. my worry at this moment is the 6 hours that no lights will be running, will temps get too low? we are doing more insulation in the ceiling tomorrow, but can only do so much. i may have jumped the gun a little trying to get things rolling but basically my current moms have out grown the space i have for them and i need to move them along in their life. what do you think the max low temp can be without significant harm? space is 16'x10x6'. weird shaped but is surrounded by either the earth or another room so there is some degree of stability. do i make sense? my brain is spinning! we've put a lot of time work and money into this and were so close! just need some realistic parameters until we can finish this off with a cherry on top. tyia for any constructive input!!!

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    Buy a small space heater. Temps below 60 give strange/stunted growth. That's air and water...
    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    Thank you much good sir! Ended up finding alot more leaks than we thought. Got 75% of them filled and foamed today. HUGE difference! We have a little space heater but it wasnt touching it! Things will deffinately be in the low range for temps during bedtime but i think once we start flowering and finish insulating well be spot on.

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    I grow in a basement and this time of year, it gets cold. Easy with lights on but in flowering, lights out can be tricky. I use a small heater but I also use a timer on my exhaust fan. I only have it run about 3 min every 1 1/2 hours. Enough to keep the humidity down but keep it warm as well.
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    I'm struggling with this as well.. I need to.get to insulating but in my smaller veg room a space heater and a humidifier help... I do have a portable ac/heater combo that I might try to use once I get rooms sealed off more as you have... so that could be a possibility.. I have heard on these forums they don't work very well but I'm going to give it a shot... it ran me about 500 though so u might not want to spend that much atm... I also have been using my veg lights on 24 7 to help regulate temps... I know there is a lot of contention on that... but going to have to bite this bullet once I flower soon as well...

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