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    Ty, From Maine! I grow into November with sturdy top and strong plastic cover
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    I will be coming to you for pointers.

    ryeguy Well-Known Member

    Guys I've got some frost what do I do....

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    I use a big squirrel fan...its an old cannibalized swamp cooler...built a stand for it...when frost is a threat, I plug it in and goto bed...moving air discourages frost from forming....helps that I live 200ft from a large lake....hth


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    Cannabis is very frost resistant. If it gets to 28 degrees HARVEST. It depends also what the weather that day will be sunny cloudy wet ect ect and the days following. Is she in pots? You can bring her in for a day or two and put her under t-5s until the weather gets nice again. Unless you live in Cali or the deep south i would harvest. But by the looks of her shes got a few weeks.
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    I grow in a greenhouse, so I was able to add a space heater, which works perfectly!

    I noticed my plants really start to slow down in terms of bud growth, when it gets really cold. The leaves also tend to turn purple in my experience.

    Here's a video of my setup with a heater:
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    sandhill larry

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    I'm doing a Fall/Winter seed test down here in NW Florida. I've had a few frosts, and they are hanging in there so far. This is the 5th week of flower, so they don't have far to go. I will be putting out more plants for a Spring crop early in the new year.

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    20161105_125252.jpg new jersey was good and late this year with the first killing frost nov. 25ish it was over here.

    pgsc went a while before it died
    nice color too
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    sandhill larry

    sandhill larry Well-Known Member

    I dealt with two nights of 25F back in January. Lost all 12 plants in my first round of the spring crop. I had three nights of frost last week, with lows of 33, 31 and 34F. I covered most everything. Some came through better than others.

    Both of these plants are B&S X CP1, just a few yards away from each other in the patch.

    138980DA-D23A-4F17-B88E-EA368E84CDDC.jpg BBE8B1B5-270F-45D1-99E2-5945E1C20503.jpg

    Most of the rest were more like this Little Sister. They had a little burn on the upper buds.

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    driel Well-Known Member

    I didn't take pics but had a strain of congo & bagseed gsc get wiped out by an early October frost that lasted 4-5 days including a snowfall. Very sad sight indeed. Will be trying again this year but I'm trying to find some fast finishing strains that aren't autos.
    sandhill larry

    sandhill larry Well-Known Member

    Check out Getaway Mountain Seeds. He is the best in the early/mold resistant game.
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    I just emailed him. Im going to give his a try because my weather can be so flaky from one day to the next. Im prob on the same Longitudinal line as him so hopefully it will make a difference.
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    postickslim Well-Known Member

    It is 48 degrees in Massachusetts today. My seedlings were started 3 weeks ago and I have been waiting to put them outside. I have green cush,grand daddy purple,Thai and 5 auto berry. Weather is suppose to turn Thursday and I will put them all outside most in grow bags some in a garden patch. We are expecting the temparture to get to 90 this weekend just crazy. Anybody growing outdoors in Mass or the northeast?

    L30nPh3lps Well-Known Member

    IMG_3330.JPG IMG_3331.JPG
    Hey im in mass as well, how are ur plants doing? I have one sour diesel plant growing outdoors not really even showing signs of flowering yet

    L30nPh3lps Well-Known Member

    IMG_3562.JPG IMG_3532.JPG IMG_3563.JPG IMG_3564.JPG
    Winter is coming!! Lol the first frost in my area of MA is predicted Oct 1-10th, my flowering started aug 12th... the race against time...

    driel Well-Known Member

    Went with Autos for outdoors this year after last years frost massacre. Grew some Great White Shark and got a couple ounces, they didn't grow as well as the indoor equivalents in the guerilla spot as it doesn't have a ton of direct sun hours.

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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    I have around 30 something large plants in huge containers I have kept vegging up until the last couple weeks I am just now throwing outside.

    I'm putting those out at the same time i'm harvesting others haha. So i'm looking at a mid November 1st of December harvest. I have ran them into mid November before with no problems, I think I will be okay. I am in South Eastern Kentucky.
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Screenshot_2017-10-07-03-43-15.png Screenshot_2017-10-07-03-43-02.png

    This is what I mean by vegging big plants. Have 36 like this, should I leave them in the 10 gallon containers to flower them out or transplant to 20 upon setting out? What would you estimate they will yield per in the 10s? They are pretty damn big with lots of growth!
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

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