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    CouchGouch Well-Known Member

    Not much to contribute, but feast your eyes on my fry

    Onion lorne
    Smokey bacon
    Black pudding
    Shrooms friend in soy sauce <you'll never go back>
    Tottie scones
    Fried eggs with runny dipping yolk
    Scottish plain bread toast, dripping in butter <you'll never go back>
    Baked beans

    And to top it, 1 gram of moby dick trim and a shot of 12 year old dalmore in my haggis.

    Only regret is getting the munchies after eating this. Hopefully won't have a heart attack x

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    Karah Well-Known Member

    This is the first time I've ever been to this section of the forum, thank you I'm starving now.
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