Gardiner help needed

Hello I have posted that I'm from Gardiner maine I don't have transportation and unfortunately I don't have caregiver because unfortunately I went threw couple caregivers and unfortunately they treated me terrible and no communication. I'm disabled and on low income and have alot of medical conditions.
I'm in gardiner and would like a reliable caregiver.
I'm currently been out of product and no help with my disorders because medical flower helps with that. I'm interested in signing with caregiver and have the cards as proof also looking for possible donation or sample of what caregivers have to offer there clients. I hope you understand my post
I may be able to help.
Do you do samples or donations of your products
Unfortunately I had problems with caregiver not reliable or returning cards and screwed me over.
I called another person but will be awhile in he restocks products. I'm from augusta.


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Just google dispensaries in your area. You're in central Maine so you should be able to find several. I'm in the downeast/northeast area so I wouldn't be much help. You're at least 4hrs from me.
Also many places like Cannadocs have those monthly newsletter booklets available with several lists of personal caregivers.
Or you could do as another member suggested and grow your own?
I'm not sure what your conditions are but growing your own meds not only ensures you know what your getting but its much more economical and extremely therapeutic for most.