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    Reefer Creature

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    So has anyone here heard of the Gas Lantern Routine? Its basically an old school lighting technique used to fool plants to stay in veg. using less light. So here is how it works. I have been using it for a few years, and figure its time to let the cat out of the bag.

    There has been a lot of talk in the grow community about the fading of a plant's (clones most times) vigor, and personal traits. A lot of people also have problems with hermaphrodites and out of whack hormone induced issues as well. Long story short, 24/0 and 18/6 light techniques stress your plants out and are impractical unless you are trying to pre-sex your plants and quickly hustle them back into a veg. state.

    So basically this old school method is being brought to light again in the newer generations of the grow community. The GSR has been turning growers into believers with the awesome results. Not only does it prevent hermes, and build up hormone levels, it also speeds up the veg. phase since your plants grow more with less. And by more I mean faster and more vigorous!
    The veg. phase

    12 hours ON
    5.5 hours OFF
    1 hour ON
    5.5 hours OFF
    and repeat until you wish to flower.
    The flowering phase:

    12 hours on 12 hours off for 1st two weeks

    After 14 days you decrease the plant's light by a half hour every week so that the last week of flowering the plant is only receiving 9 hours of light and 15 hours of darkness.

    So basically since you are building hormones up by letting your plant sleep so much, your flowering stage is gonna result in EXPLOSIVE OVERDRIVE in resin production far beyond a normal 12/12 lighting schedule. After all everything on this earth needs sleep. This 24/0 and 18/6 lighting periods are useless! Where on Earth (that weed grows naturally and happily outdoors) is there a place that receives 18 hours of light or more a day?

    This method during the flowering phase mimics the suns lighting phase during the fall, indoors. The more we mimic outdoors the happier plants are indoors. And all the extra hour in the middle of the veg phase schedule does is trick the plant to remain in veg. with the least amount of light and best results. Not to mention that, but the you are using up to 5 hours or more of light a day with healthier end results. LESS IS MORE! Less money paid to the electric company, less time being spent on bulbs making them last longer! Amongst other ups, like fooling the electric company a bit with your weird light schedules, and faster growing weed, shorter veg times resulting in less time and power being paid to the electric company every cycle from cutting/seedling to harvest time!


    The Reefer Creature.
    Gary Busey

    Gary Busey New Member

    Am I going to need to bring a pair of clean underwear?

    Reefer Creature

    Reefer Creature Member

    You might Gary. I am in the middle of projects. But in the next two weeks I will start a grow report with pictures to show off this lighting technique.
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    C.Indica Well-Known Member

    Makes sence to me, but wouldn't it be better to find the actual point of where the plant can't process anymore light, and then give it the false night?
    Reefer Creature

    Reefer Creature Member

    So here are a few links to some pdf files that Treating Yourself Magazine has published in the past year or so. Enjoy! Starts on Page 84:leaf: Starts on Page 76:leaf:

    After reading through a couple of these online. Treating Yourself seems to be one of the better magazines out on stands. Way better than that ugly ass bitch mag, The Art Of Mary Jane. God that mag is garbage!

    doobered Active Member

    i had a customer tell me about this technique
    its just a unnatural as 12/12 or 24/0
    in what part of the world do you get an hour in the middle of the night

    i need to just try it on a side by side
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    TheOrganic Well-Known Member

    there's a bunch of lighting methods out there. CHeck em out...... BUt I do know that my OG didn't like 18/6 you could tell it was too much light(tired looking at end of day). But did fine and still.
    Reefer Creature

    Reefer Creature Member

    Did you read the links doobered? The way I look at is. I have never heard of animals, or humans that sleep ALL NIGHT UN-WOKEN for their entire life. Insomnia is clinically proven to not kill Earth's living creatures and human beings. But if you do not sleep for days, it sure makes you a miserable, aimless, dumbfounded fool. Am I right? Losing a little sleep every night is no biggie. But not sleeping at all or every couple days makes you about as healthy as a meth addict. I do not know too many people who can live off only 6 hours of sleep every night as well. Try a side by side soon if you can soon. You wont be let down by the results or your electricity bills. Other wise I will make a report on my next round when I am done flowering here.

    Jozikins Well-Known Member

    I am interested, so I give new life to your thread. I'll be giving it a shot and I'll give you updates through PM if and when I do, since I am sure you aren't sub'd to your thread anymore.

    nameno Well-Known Member

    I'll be watching.

    cannawizard AMC Mod

    interesting indoor light schedule..
    for Veg (13on / 11off) -- i don't get the whole 1hr in-between the 5.5hrs.. :?

    and for Bloom (12on/12off 1st week) then subtract 30mins per week after the initial 14day mark, so it eventually becomes (9on/15off) by harvest..

    so GLR is mimicking outdoor light conditions.. interesting~


    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Really, I know lots of people that live on 6 hours of sleep. In fact you really only need 7 hours unlike the 8 hours that we were taught in school. But Humans are not plants.
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    DrDank Well-Known Member

    Has anyone else verified this technique? the bloom cycle sounds totally reasonable, but the veg cycle seems like it would create a lot of hermies if not done right....
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    SnapsProvolone Well-Known Member

    I vegged in GLR for a while but Blue God & Kushage flowered.

    Punk Well-Known Member

    I'm still confused on why it's called a gas lantern routine. But none of it makes any sense. If the point is to mimic nature, in regards to lighting, this schedule will not at all do that. Perhaps a person could employ a secondary lighting system, one with less intensity, to mimic sunset and sunrise.

    Happycfl Member

    Call the light schedule whatever you want :) I tried it on nirvanas ak48.
    The point is that your grow is split into two phases. the veg and the bloom phases. The bloom phase is the one where you mimic nature by gradually lowering the hours of light. There is nothing new to this. Personally I did not lower the hours of light in the flower phase because I was too lazy :) I did 11 on and 13 off from flip to harvest.

    Now, the interesting part to me was the veg phase. As written in the first post you prevent the plants from going into flower by giving them one hour of light in the dark period. In my grow it worked good. However, I saw no significant difference from "normal" light schedule and the GLR veg schedule. Try it if you have a few extra beans and the room.

    Imo, why not save the extra bucks if you can?
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    SnapsProvolone Well-Known Member

    Its called gas lantern routine because it was first developed for large outdoor grows to break nights to veg with minimal lighting time / equipment.

    offworldvacations Active Member

    the gas lantern routine will work better:
    *less electricity used
    *and more budding sites do to less stretching (dude should have told you that to begin with)
    *as for the flower phase (I have done both flower routines and I prefer full 12, this is a production based choice)
    * the reason this works is because it interrupts hormone production.
    the best pot i ever produced was grown as gas lantern routine under florescent 2700's at close distance. unreal. i refused to flip that private stock. the most resinous i have ever seen in person, and I am Colorado.
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    nameno Well-Known Member

    They used gas lanterns,I forget what for (heat,light)they used them,but I remember the picture.

    gunslinger13 New Member

    I believe this routine is great. It mimics natures cycle ,(except the one hour on to fool the plant to stay in veg), saves money and it keeps a fun journal. You could even set up a few different timers to over lap each other an hour on different light circuits to mimic sunset and sunrise and even further fool the electric company by not spiking into the on cycle but gradually getting to it.

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