Ghe Mineral magic hoax???

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    Ive been using ghe's products for some time after advice from fellow growers. This formula eas well tested and working and it has for me.

    Now i start getting advanced and wanting to add silicate to the mix. I am thinking, Mineral magic has GOT to be the answer, it says on it its got 60 percent water soluble Silicate.

    But it seems it wont mix with water. And so i che k ti see what oter users say on forums and the advice is VERY warying to amounts to use.

    Now most say they will leave the powder to dissolve with the water for some days, then siff the residual powder off???

    I don't trust that lne bit why put stuff in that don't dissolve??

    So i check the security leaflet for transport on the product (i am a truck driver and know how to find that)
    And i check the water solubility. It says "not soluble"

    And that would mean that NONE of te powder is actually soluble in water. Wich again means people are fooling themselves.

    Am i right? I don't need to link the safery leaflet just trust me, it says:

    Water solubility: not soluble!

    If you don't believe me try drying and weighing the amount of powder you siff off versus the amount of powder you put in after it settled completely. You will find the amounts are equal :-/

    I have written GHE for a defense on this matter. If they do not have a VERY good explanation i am switching fert and additive producent! :cuss:

    listmann Well-Known Member

    God knows what else they'll be lying about then :-(

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