Going to apply for PTSD

Wait, what?

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I see the media is already saying it is the pathway for potheads to get their card, so I'm already leery about getting approved. For the 10 years prior to using pot as a medicine, I cost the taxpayers a million dollars easy. Rehabs, psyche hospitals, jail.

The past ten $0

Given a chance, my story is convincing. I don't want free weed. I just don't want to go to jail for a proven medical treatment.

One question: Can I grow? If so, it would also save money I could spend on something they tax :P


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Sory man,

Yes you can grow, but it isn't legal for you to do so, and won't be under CT law any time soon.

It CT it's all about big biz, a few corporate growers to provide all the medicine. No caregivers or growing for yourself under the MMJ law.