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I give my baby seedlings 2x 30 mins under hps daily fluorescent light for the rest in the kitchen. They seem green and happy. Weird problem when
80 degrees seem like their natural habbitat. Maybe start behind a window

Guess is rurumo is right. good to be careful
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Any seedlings, whether cannabis or tomato, that were grown indoors need to be "hardened off" before placing them outside for long periods of time, or permanently. You do this by putting them outside for 20 or 30 min the first day, then a little longer the second, and so on, for at least a week maybe longer. It toughens them up and gets them used to UV light.
Ok, thanks for explaining that. Someone mentioned that above. I didn't fully understand that.

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Like everyone else said, seedlings started indoors need to be hardened off before being brought outdoors. If they started life outdoors to begin with they will be fine though.