Gorilla Bubble from Tonygreens Tortured Beans

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by tonygreen, Feb 11, 2016.

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    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    thats a great shot btw!
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Looks like my first 4 GB bx2 are going to be one persistent runt and 3 very healthy males. I had a male show early with balls on stems. Looks like my hoped for girls are not to be found. Shit happens. Still have eleven seeds out of my pack left.

    AbeFroman Well-Known Member

    My girl showed a few initial balls as well. But I let it keep going and it had little to do with anything in the long run.
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    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    Loudog update...

    But available for 420 drop...

    GH x CJSB IX1
    CJSB IX1 (casey jones x sour bubble)

    GH is another from catnip (NYGhazeAO I think he calls it), similar to the nyco... smells are orange baby poop, I love it... 77 is about the earliest to take her, but have taken her all the way into the 100s... Often described as extreme, or crazy, a very sativa and thought provoking high with great flavor from the nycd and agent orange in the lineage. Crazy yields and surprisingly dense for any cannabis, let alone a sativa... Solid nugs all the way down, even in low light conditions, preforming very well. Probably the most vigorous line I've ever grown...

    GH = (NYCD x G13/Haze) x Agent Orange

    These beans, GH x CJSB IX1

    And some shots of the mom in a 5 gallon smartie... Probably hit 1/2 to 3/4 with that one alone...

    user456695_pic1696855_1484690544.jpg user456695_pic1696856_1484690544.jpg user456695_pic1696857_1484690544.jpg user456695_pic1696858_1484690544.jpg user456695_pic1718085_1489190899.jpg

    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    One shirley out of these BX2s would suit me fine. 2 even better. Feel free to point out traits leaners and such if you can spot any.


    flamethrower1 Well-Known Member

    BX3,s getting a little of the stretch thing going on.
    They are at the start of week three, hope they slow down and start filling out

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    PerroVerde Well-Known Member

    Here is my patch of Gorilla Bubble Bx1f1 at 2 weeks of 12/12, blowing up the space and to many tops to count... :)
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    Mr.Goodtimes Well-Known Member

    Your going to love it. I have problems cloning her for some reason, just takes forever to root, but patients buy me out before the crop even comes down.

    Just popped some of his Ruby Red GB next.

    PerroVerde Well-Known Member

    Thanks bro, this is my second run with her and I completely agree. I have had hit and miss with clones this year so far, I always take extra clones when I do it though... :)

    PerroVerde Well-Known Member

    Here is the Blueberry Gorilla Bubble at like 4 days 12/12, the 3 females my buddy got out of the 5 seeds we sprouted... :)
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    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    Feed those rubies hard. They are ridiculously good feeders. Good stretching on em too that's when they will really yellow early if your not feeding enough. Watch out for some early nanners on some lowers on the real floppy ones. Just pluck em and should be ok. Not seen a full herm yet. Few lowers on a small percent tho. They smoke how the stem rubs smell mostly. Lot of og leaners Chem leaners and you'll know if you get the grapefruit for sure. It stands out as the loudest stem rub and smells just like it. The grapefruit cones out the best in the diesel and gb leaners. All super potent. The OG and Chem leaners are knock out stony the gb leaner high is balanced and deadly and the grapefruit diesel phenos are soaring and potent as fuck. The Chem leaners was the most bland if you could use that word but just a deep knock out stone with a taste of slight citrus on the chem. Gonna be some unique things found for sure.
    Them bx3 all look great.

    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    That is some crazy looking weed. Cannabis Monstera.
    Looks like she was a handful to keep contained.
    I'd love to live in the tropics and let a plant like her do her thang, but I can't run double enders for height reasons, I don't think she could fit.
    I bet she would do great in SOG. Probably 3 foot colas.
    I've got a full pack of the Ruby Reds at about day 10 above ground. Their all uniform in growth and appearance at this time. There are no runts in this pack. It's too early for a stem rub at this time but I'll be hanging from your every word of your description and wait to see what I've got.

    flamethrower1 Well-Known Member

    Hey Perro, how many girls do you run at a time under that cob set up
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    tampee Well-Known Member

    I've always wondered, is it better to breed the hermie trait out or just breed with solid genetics? Sure OG GSC and on and on are all good and from hermie genetics but I hate seeds in my weed especially would be dank if you broke up the bud enough to find the little seed hiding.

    But that would take several generations just to get the herm trait out and in them several generations you could have selected for a specific terpine as well as potency and high. I kind of want to breed with some of them clone only's but I can't really risk rouge pollen in my breeding room be some bullshit getting GG#4 pollen in my F5 SSH all selected and tested to not produce nanners even under stress lowered flower time and that soaring Haze high.

    Yeah probably not the best for me but hopefully someone takes these lines far enough to produce completely seedless lines.
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    PerroVerde Well-Known Member

    I run 9 of this pheno in 2.3 gallons of Coco in a meter squared under 400 watts of Cree cobs. Last harvest of this pheno for 9 plants same set up but untrained was 27 zips... :) This time there are only 7 Gorilla Bubble Bx1f1, 1 Jaw's Gear Green Crack Og and 1 Bodhi's Black Raspberry Goji in the mix but all are pretty even in the canopy so we should be good... :)
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    Better yet, someone should put out a notice of herm traits simultaneously when a seed strain is released for sale - see: Breeder's Boutique. I'm glad I decided against them. Now.......are there any additional facts I should know about GB bx2 :confused::evil:

    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    Ya it's a complete shit line full of hermit garbage... lol. Let's see all of the strain development threads from all the other breeders that cover years of work....

    Anything you need to know has been covered over and over in these threads. Even intersex talk ha.
    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    great info from the man himself... invaluable
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    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    Who needs this BS?

    I've got 8 GBbx2 beans available for free. First address in my in box gets 'em.
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