Green Crack, White Widow Purple Kush, Super Silver 600w hydro

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    AkMags's 600w indoor hydroponics grow.

    This is my ongoing updated often, journal in progress. I will be adding pics and updates often.

    ***I would greatly appreciate advice. I keep a hard journal but would like feed back coming from reliable sources.

    I will be growing one plant each of the following strains:

    -Green Crack
    -Purple Kush
    -Super Silver Haze
    -White Widow

    I will be adding a screen in time for a small scale scrog method.

    I love a good zone out into your hobby kind of high.
    One you can disconnect and just become one with your thing, whatever it may be for me that is Painting Spending time creating your green house/ thinking of improvements etc, Playing some Battlefield kind of high. A real project booster!
    These strains were chosen because they have been Monsters in the competitive world and contain traits I love about growing and the effects of the smoke.
    My two favs are white widow and green crack. I want to grind this combination once completed And create a cracked widow! I created a play on that with my set up.

    I am starting now with the equipment/parameters


    I have an adjustable ballast where there exists the option of selection from 200/400/600/super lumens. During the first stages of veg I downsize the power to 200 in the first week or so of veg then 400 for a week after that I use the full 600.
    600 Watt Hortilux Metal Halide (MH) 50 Hours on bulb
    600 Watt Hortilux High Pressure Sodium (HPS) 825 Hours

    In this situation I have a Fluorescent panel 24" X 24"(2x2) with a total of four bulbs.
    (4) -Sunblaster T5 24W/2700K (New Bulbs)

    LED support
    During flowering I install 4 LED bulbs (mostly reds) 80 Watt 50 Hours.
    Moorsen brand do not buy for they are poorly built. My issues:
    Each bulb shocks me to the touch and While you unscrew this bulb your metal piece will break free and reside in the socket until you peter griffin it while ripping tiny pieces off bit by bit as if its made of plastic.

    I use during veg/floweing
    - Sensi Grow Part A and B 3-0-0
    - Sensi Bloom Part A and B 3-0-0
    - Big Bud 0-1-3
    - CALiMAG 1-0-0
    - GROTEC ph down

    I have an air in from outside, drawn in from a 6" fan and for movement within the general area I have a large 20" fan moving air.
    Temp at highest peak on a week of temps landing from 25-30, My tent interior temperature is 26 C while running HPS on full 600 watts with additional 320 LED bulbs running.(my ballast is positioned outside of the tent to reduce heat gain. During summer nights and winter the LOW average is 16 and 20C.
    humidity is an average of 30% unless a week of rains occur in which humidity may rise to 40% at peak.
    PH levels have been 5.5-6
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    Here she is.. my green crack drinking white widow monster

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    I have these cut out pieces on the resevior lid for ease of maintenance and regular observation of water levels, PH, and proper functioning of system.
    (I avoid checking drip system for the ph level to force myself to system check )
    They are filled with clay pellets to reduce light exposure and act as a fill spot for water. I'll probably create a more effective light barrier down the road but these were items at hand.
    Although I have air pumped into the res, I wanted a good spot to add my PH down
    As well mixed as possible. I slowly add it into the drain spout from one of the buckets.

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    Day 20 (Day 15 for super silver had 2 duds this was my 3rd seed)
    I am using crop kings.
    Day one started by submerging seeds in water.

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    Topped all 4 plants today.

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    Gave plants some new nutes, cleaned the tent and fixed a lack of pressure issue due to extra 90 degree fittings and extra large id/od diameter tube. I have removed 28" of 3/4 and made a new manifold.
    Also topped plants again.
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    20170715_141232.jpg 20170716_214601.jpg
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    Sunday fun-day.

    Sunday is cleaning day and new nutes day. As aell to take advantage of full tear down clean, this is when I add improvements noted to do during the week.

    Week 3 shit list:

    * Remove all drain hose -discard
    Add valve to fittings on bucket so come cleaning time, close valve and fill buckets with pump so as to just carry 2 buckets up stairs opposed to carry 14g.

    *Add drain pan under all buckets to eliminate the possibility of leaks. Design drain pan to drain into res keeping in mind light exposure to res water.

    *Design reflecter to improve lumen efficiency.
    *Tighten gap on buckets. Current arrangement is exceeding effective light footprint.

    * Update on manifold upgrade-

    The new manifold and delivery system upgrade has now achieved solid pressure for good penetration to roots.
    I plan to rig a manifold to run double capacity. I want 2 jets per plant on the roots.
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    Length of the roots is 29" (from bottom of Rockwood cube) 20170717_200144.jpg
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    Built screen , decided to use twine again. works well. No issues, speaking from one grow -harvest experience.
    Spacing is 2"
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    Side note - MH light has been set to 200w from start

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    Weekly sunday update.

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    how long you plan on vegging them for ? i vegged for nearly 8 weeks my last grow , and the plants almost grew out of the tent .

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    Added drain pan, simplified some pluming and put up screen. Also will decide if i pull the purple kush amd make way for some ladies who want to fill space. 20170725_223315.jpg

    Added zip ties on lines as a guide to judge length and tension on water pump.
    Random lengths may pit pressure on the pump causing it to become moderatly to dramatically off level possibly causing the pump to dry suck.

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    My best guess would be another 2 weeks. Or next better answer is once i take clones then fill 75% of my screen

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    Love your setup bro, I will be doing a very similar one soon.

    If I may ask, what is your reservoir size, what is the size of your grow tent and how did you build your SCROG screen? It looks really practical with the pulley.

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    im sorry can u explain how this works?? you have a rez, and drip lines.. so the water goes from the rez pumped up the little lines then drips into each bucket?? do the buckets drain back into the rez??

    it looks good,, ive grown in 5 gallon buckets, both dwc and drip..

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    Water is pumped into drip lines. Buckets have drains which just flood the big drip tray which has a small hidden drain bCk inro the res.

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    Also this frame is strong enough to attach top hats to screen. This way, come clean time just turn off the lights, hoist screen up comes plants easy to slide bucket out for cleaning. * note I will fill a mist bottle from soon to be changed res and mist roots periodically.
    As well i enjoy growing one plant to fill this screen makes this simple.

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    Here is an example of this from a previous grow.

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