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    Has anyone used this stuff before? How often do I give this stuff to my plant (indoors soil)? The website says how much to use in water but isnt very clear on how often to feed so do I give this stuff to my plants every time I water them or should I only use it if the plants are asking for it? I cant really find much info about it on this website and Im new to organics, thanks for the suggestions.

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    Search MegaCrop or @GreenleafNutrients. There are quite a few folks using it now and with pretty good results. @ChaosHunter has a sweet journal going on his grow with it.

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    hi Mojo

    Yes, you can give every feeding. For indoor soil, you wanna keep a sharp eye the first time through to see if you need to modify the schedule. So I would suggest to just follow the feeding chart, but pay close attention to the plant color. if its too dark green, reduce the dose, if its too light green, then increase the dose.

    Look forward to your updates!
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    Ill be sure to update this thread later on with photos!

    I gave a feeding last night and im actually pretty impressed already. W99 hasnt responded to what I gave yet and Im thinking it needs more next feeding. I have another one not shown, (unknown strain just a dank bagseed) same age and half the size. W99 was transplanted into the final pot sooner than I did the other one though so I thought maybe that had something to do with it possibly.

    Anyways, that unknown strain perked right the hell up and is a LUSH green. I was surprised to find such a big difference on the side branching and internodal growth in such a short time. A little dark I think (i gave both plants the same amount!) but i should mention no burnt tips. I will cut back the doseage on that one and increase the W99 on the next feeding if they continue to respond this way.

    I have a gorilla glue freebie that just broke soil the other day that will be getting the mega crop too.

    Thanks for the sample. When this runs out I will definitely be picking up a supply to keep me going!!
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    the solubility is awesome, I just put 3 day old cuttings into 1/2 strength ( 0.1g-- 16oz bottle of water) and shook it for 5 seconds and it already was broken down. awesome.

    we'll see how they react. They are just starting to maybe get roots, brownish looking on the cut, like usual, and the leaves are still growing, so we'll see, and Ill update. Going to leave in water for 2 days more, then into coco/soil mix
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    Ok heres a before and after. The first pic taken monday before mega crop and today, after mega crop. Two feedings in and I think its going great so far.

    before mega crop:


    after mega crop:


    Im sorry for the color variation, pic was taken in natural light with no flash and one in darkness with flash on. you can see a noticable difference over 4 days.

    Ill admit Ive been excited to use this stuff and I think ive fed them too soon. Im gonna wait till shes good and dry before I feed her next.

    Heres a photo of her branching (didnt turn out like i hoped lol) and the other plant thats a lush green. image2(6).JPG


    She is unknown bagseed and is quite a bit smaller in size than the W99, and considerablly more bushy as well! I think she is suffering a bit from over watering. I started these in solo party cups before i transplanted into these 1.75G pots and the unknown bagseed stayed in the cup about a week longer than the W99 did, perhaps even more than a week.

    BTW if I havent mentioned here is some general info:

    White 99 and an unknown strain
    600W Galaxy Hydro LED panel (3Wx200 diodes)
    Organic raised bed mix from lowes,
    12/12 from seed (33 days)
    Pistils showed at 20 days old!
    They lived off the soil until now!

    I dont really know any other info to be honest, i dont really have a ph meter, i have a TDS meter but im not 100% sure how to use it or what it means to be honest... I water with city tap water (its a little hard) and im not sure of the ph of that either to be honest.

    I will keep updating this thread as time goes on. BTW the little one in the back is a freebie labeled as "2GorillaGlue"
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    You should move this thread to the grow journal or general growing thread. Not much here about organic gardening friend! :)

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