Greenpoint seeds!!


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Greenpoint seeds is ran by Gu~ outta Colorado. If you all know who he is then you you the dank that he brings to the table.

Monster Cookies (Male)
Bred by 303 Seeds
(Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Yeti OG F1)

Crossed to:

'92 OG (Florida OG)
Bruce Banner #3 (OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel x Ft. Collins Cough)
Bubba (Pre Bubba Kush)
Colorado Flo (rumored mislabeled)
Diablo OG (Most likely Fire OG)
Forum GSC (Not gonna start it)
Gorilla Glue #4 (Chem Sis/Sour Dub x Chocolate Diesel)
Lemon G (rumoured Love Potion V1)
Pinesoul (Nepali OG x Snow Lotus)
Purple Goji (Nepali OG x Snow Lotus)
Super Sour Fire OG (Super Sour Deez x White Fire)
Alien Stardawg ( Alien Kush F2 x Stardawg)
Death Dawg ( Deathstar x Alien Dawg F3)
Gorilla Grape Gush (SR71 Purple Kush x Gorilla Grape)
Kosher Alienz (Kosher kush x Alien Kush f3)
Lemon Fizz F2 (Super Lemon Haze x Kakalak Kush)
Nightmare OG (OG Kush #18 x WhiteNightMare)
Over Flo (Colorado Flo x Faceoff OG Bx)
Spiderbite V2 (C99/WW x Super Silver Haze F3)
Starlet OG (Hollywood Pure Kush x Underdawg)
Tres Sister (Chem Sis x Tres Dawg)
Venom OG (Poison OG x Rare Dankness #1)
Elephant stomper (Purple Elephant x Grape Stomper/ aloha White Widow)
RugBurn (Ghost OGK x RD#1)
White Master Kush (SoCal Master Kush x The White)
Yeti F3 (Headband aka Underdawg)

Stardawg (Male)
Bred by Top Dawg Seeds
(Chem 4 x Tres Dawg)

1992 OG Kush
Abusive Kush x Sour D IBL
Alien StarDawg
Brain OG
Bruce Banner #3
Cascadian Frost
Chem 4
Colorado Flo
Cookies n Cream
Death Dawg
Diablo OG
Elephant Stomper
Florida Grape
G6 - Jet Fuel
Ghost OG
Girls Scout Cookies (Forum Cut)
Gorilla Glue #4
Grape Gorilla Gush
Grateful Breath x Grape Puff
Green Crack
Guard Dawg
Indiana Bubble Gum
Kosher Alienz
Lemon Fizz
Lemon G (Ohio cut)
Nightmare OG
Original New Yew City Diesel
Pura Vida
Purple goji
San Diego Catpiss
San Fernando Valley OG Kush
Santa Muerte
Spiderbite V2
Starlet Kush
Super Sour Fire OG
Tahoe OG
Tres Sister
Triangle OG Kush
Uncirculated OG Kush x Pre Soviet Afghani
White Fire #3
White master kush
Yeti OG F3



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Do you know if and when any of those Stardawg crosses will be released? I'd be all over those... Chem 4, Elephant Stomper, Lemon G, SFVOG, Starfighter, WiFi #3, all hit by a big, bad Stardawg stud. That's gold in bean form.


Got the Goriila Glue#4xMonster Cookies but cant start a journal I guess. Should i make a journal here in the Seeds and Strains review Forum?


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There is a lot of testing going on now and previously done. I think Gu said he gave away over 600 packs of the cookie crosses. There's multiple testers going on every forum around.