Growing container idea, Please tell me what you think.


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This just came to me. I'm forever turning and tipping my ubiquitous 5gallon buckets to expose different parts of the plant to side light, when I thought, why the hell don't I get a light mover, right? Then I remembered I don't have thousands of dollars to spend which made me think, "If only I could move the plant itself easily". What if the container were a perfect sphere, roughly beach ball-ish in size, (they could be in 5 or 10 gallon sizes), with an opening on top about 6-8" around for access to the soil and the plant. This sphere could then sit on a short pedestal, sort of like a tall, non-tip dog food bowl. The sphere would nest in the opening on top of the pedestal allowing you to swivel and turn the plant in any direction. The weight of the damp potting mix would be more than enough to keep it in place. Imagine an entire grow room where all you had to do was gently tip all the plants to either side throughout the day to replicate the movement of the sun. It could be incredibly cheap to manufacture. A black plastic sphere with drain holes, and a mated plastic pedestal, fluted on the underside for rigidity. I can't see something like that costing more than $9.99 Anyone interested in making this happen, it was MY idea!! 11/30/13 :-P


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You shouldn't post your true name on here, man. That probably isn't a good idea...

Interesting concept, though.