GR's Spring 18 5 plant, Two 315W CMH, Barneys Farm LSD, 4 X 4

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Day 38 12/12

Wanted to give a little update on changes made to the 4 x 4 today.

I did this a couple of grows ago, using both LED and a single 315W CMH. This grow I just added the
CLW SS400 LED between the two 315W.
I moved the 315's to the sides of the tent and tilted them about 30% and placed the SS400 in the middle. I will be rotating the plants on a daily or every two day basis. Did this setup with the Super Citrus Haze and WW grow in 16/17 only used just one 315W.

Here is the setup now, light height is for both 315's at average 18 with the tilt, and the LED is at 20 inches.
View attachment 4102410 View attachment 4102413 View attachment 4102411

I will run this for the final 3.5 to 4 weeks and will be turning the two UV lamps that are part of the SS400 setup in a week. Have to make some structural changes in the tent to get the LED to hang properly over the plants, but not a major issue.

Is that a SolarStorm light? I saw one in action that worked real well for another dude.


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Yea multi yrs old, used it only once alone, was a Sativa dominant and just could not get enough light into the canopy. From then on I have used it for vegging, as a second light in veg and bloom and love the two florescent UV lamps, for finishing the buds. Use it the last few weeks of flower mainly for the UV but the good ol' SS400 is a champ.
Have a forum friend and we PM a lot, he is from a legal state. He bought an SS400 about the same time I got mine and he sold it for almost what we paid for them. Was on CLW's test program so got a great deal on them.
All that being said, this last grow under the two 315's was good before I added the LED to finish them but I know that it helped in the end.

Hope I did not just repeat myself! bongsmilie



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Here is a little video of my irrigation ring in action. 9 distribution points, three feed points equally spaced around the ring. Get saturation to runoff in around 5 minute run time. I have it set to water three two minute times 10 minute apart to insure saturation, getting about a 20 to 30% runoff..