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    Awesome thread and read!

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    Heard the same yeehaw
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    Samething I have read. In fact, you can feed it to your worm bin straight from the sorce
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    Umm I think part of the point of making supersoil is not to add chemical nutes. And "supersoil" can be a very effective way to grow
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    Good shit man :bigjoint:

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    Future reference.

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    I would argue that rabbit poop isn't that hot and can be added right to soil in small amounts. (Also make sure the rabbits in question are on an alfalfa diet. Some people actually feed rabbits cat food)

    I would also add in the original post how unsustainable bat guano is and how ineffective it is compared to a million other sustainable sources.

    "The beauty of bat caves is you got your bats... then you got this layer of shit.. but in between is a whole field of three-high wall-to-wall cockroaches. So every bat that's shit shit's on a cockroach. Then the cockroach eats that shit and shits out cockroach shit, which is what you're really making guano teas out of.

    The other best part is every time we extract an entire cave of guano, 9 out of 10 manufacturers don't care how they get it or how it's done. They bash out the side of the cave walls, and take all the guano out with front end loaders.. leaving all those bats to never come home again and then they die because they don't have homes and they don't recolonize with other bats. they smash destroy one cave and then it's right on to the next one. If the product doesn't say bat conservancy and they aren't paying a ton of money to protect the bat conservancy in this world, they're part of the problem. We're all about to be in a lot of trouble between the bats and the bees which are two major parts of our ecosystem that keep us humans comfortable." ~Scott - Nectar for the Gods

    He treats it as a drastically inferior supplement, and sarcastically says "it was the shit in 1980".

    as seen here at 3:45
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    Hey, I respect all organic growers and even non organic growers for that matter, just saying that before i say this:

    Cant touch this…. DA na na na

    just kidding.. but what i was gonna say is.. we don't even use guano. We don't seem to need it..
    HQ Manure's are the shit. EWC too. fungal networks, bacteria colonies, micro beasty armies, that's all possible with and without the guanos'
    But! @ the same time, if i had a bat cave i'd use it somehow! haha

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    You just want to play with the Bat-Mobile.

    I got no problem with Peruvian Sea bird guano, scraped off the rocks out at sea. Seems to be fairly regulated, at least in respect to bat guano, which has little, if any.


    BTW, I don't use guanos of any sort. The cost just doesn't justify the benefits for me.
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    Fish bone meal at 6/20/0 is a good replacement component for high P guano. Been using a few months......seems fine.
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    For sure Wet! I'd have my girl in the cat woman costume and id be rippin the streets of this murder capital, lookin for crack and glass heads who need some good herb..
    Freeze! puff this! Lol
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    Very nice

    What ratio you been finding you like

    TBSP per cubic foot?

    1/2 Cup per cubic foot? Or more

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    In my present mix I use about 1 tbs per gallon with pork bone meal at 6/8/0. Love fish in my mix. Very good use for scraps. I have used Archapelago Bat Guano for ages and made the switch Iast spring.

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    Well shit
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    I use Ontario bat guano collected from houses, churches and cottages. I don't feel bad for using it because they aren't supposed to be there. It's high in Nitrogen. I use Seabird guano for flowering.
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    Just order some Peruvian Seabird Guano (12-10-3) 2.2lbs
    2 tea one to start the grow and one for the flowering !
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    This thread is full of shit o_O

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    Love shit! It provides cheap long lasting nitrogen!

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