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    Hey there!
    sorry for my poor english..
    I live in denmark btw, so it's the perfect time to start growing now.
    Me and a couple of friends have been toking for some years now, but money is slipping up :cry: and many times, blazed, we have thought of the idea of growing, but neither of us have had the resoucres to grow indoor!
    So we've decided to try out this guerilla growing! We've found a quite good spot, with 9 hours of sun everyday far away from everything.
    but we're totally newbies, but we made a plan, and i want you guys to give us tips etc..

    So we're going to buy the seeds tommorow and start germinating right away.
    We have thought about buying the bio bizz pre-mix, do we have to mix it up with some other soil or is the bio bizz soil alone good enough?
    what about nutrients? should we buy the whole bio bizz set too? ( BioBizz ROOT JUICE 250 ml1X(BioBizz BIO-GROW, 1L)X(BioBizz BIO-BLOOM, 1L)1X(BioBizz Topmax 1L)
    no clue what happended there, and i cannot fix it :o
    and then just wait till it flowers, and harvest it?
    is it that easy?
    or if someone could link a really dummy guide, like with everything you have to buy and stuff..
    greatly appreciated!
    love from denmark!

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    Read up and keep your grow really simple for the first time until you get the hang of things. If the soil is this, it looks pretty good. You have to make sure it is not too "hot" for seedlings and germination. Maybe the Light Mix is what you need for germination.

    Bio-Bizz All-Mix is unlike anything you would find in a garden centre. It contains an effective blend of soil (20%), compost (35%), worm castings (10%) and Perlite (30%) as well as a special 'pre-mix' (5%) of biologically active organic ingredients that have been fermented for a month to create a potent mixture. We recommend using Bio-Bizz All-Mix during growth and flowering, ideally in conjunction with Bio-Bizz Nutrients for best results.
    All Mix is suitable for all stages of plant life and can be purchased in two different sized bags; 20 Litres and 50 Litres. Bio-Bizz also produces a 'Light Mix' that has been specifically formulated for seedlings and cuttings. This is available in a 20 Litre bag. Both grades of Bio-Bizz soil are 100% organic. May want to rfead this thread also:

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