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    This is my first time growing, ive done alot of research and consider myself somewhat educated on growing but ive run into a problem with my plant growing outdoors.The pistils on one branch are turning brown prematurely. The rest of the plant looks great its just the one branch. What could the problem be?

    Bad branch
    IMG_20150901_173816_793.jpg IMG_20150901_173832_537.jpg IMG_20150901_174038_168.jpg
    Good Flowers
    IMG_20150901_173903_584.jpg IMG_20150901_174001_013.jpg IMG_20150901_174028_143.jpg

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    Any thoughts on what is going on my leaves the leaves around the tops of my plant are changing color though was so to colder weather but not sure now any advice greatly appreciated image.jpg

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    My buds look to be a couple weeks from harvest. Trichomes are just starting to get milky and the weather has been damp and cool. Got me a Little powedry mildew. do you think I can wash it off. Looking at the link say hot waher with a mild bleach solution. do I wash everything? Its got some of my best buds and I really don't wan't to lose it View attachment 3503909 View attachment 3503909 View attachment 3503910 View attachment 3503909 View attachment 3503910 View attachment 3503909 View attachment 3503910 View attachment 3503909 View attachment 3503910 View attachment 3503909 View attachment 3503910

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    Sup guys! Hey I know my issue but the problem of solving how to use the products properly. I got the claw a nitrogin toxicity never dealt with it before. I just went out and picked up Ph up and Down test kit, Also got the botanicare flush. But my question how long should I flush for? I am litterally only week three of flower got lots more to go. I have never used flush before I normally would just cut off nutrients 2 weeks before flower ending and use RO water. Also new to the PH up And down PH. I thought using Ro water would been fine which is what I did and had few successful grows out of it.

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    Ever see this.its a feminized critical kush seedling

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    its not pot, i have answered your thread itself, you have a jade succulent seedling
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    I have a 2 weeks seedling and she's turning purple under the leaves. What this can be? Cold temperatures? Or genetics? Im growing aurora indica. Tnx in advance!!

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    Having problems here....yellowing of leaves mainly from bottom up.....not sure if it's a n deficiency or toxity or iron of calcium .. Any professional suggestions?!

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    what is wrong with this plant? It is not the best pic, but all the leaves are like this (brown from the tips).This is an autoflower (white label seeds white diesel haze). And it is in biobizz light mix mixed with batguano. 20l soil mixed with 1l of guano.

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    Could the soil be too strong for these autos??the leaves are getting very brown already. Can add a pic later. Advice please...

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    Is there anything to do or should i throw it away?

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    Hey guys I've been growing for about 18 months and recently switched from cfl's to a 400w metal halide grow bulb... I think my vegetative growth is behind for this far into veg but not quite sure because I've been using clones.. Also I've noticed either light burn or nute burn and was hoping to get a little advice... Any input is appreciated
    2 are lst
    Tallest one is topped
    400w m/h
    High Temps 78
    Low Temps 62
    Open Wing reflector
    Light distance 18in-20in
    Heres a few pics 20151227_235758.jpg 20151227_235736.jpg 20151227_235804.jpg

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    This is great but I'm colourblind.
    Suddenly All my plants whatever size have started turning yellow ?
    They're all autos under 2 x 600 Mars led lights in bio mix soil no added nutrients whatsoever tap water ph'd down.
    80x80 tent.
    It's my 2nd run 1st didn't do this but for that grow I had only 1 600 Mars but plants were tiny and low yield.
    I added the 2nd to increase yield but could that have caused this?
    I get 3 pots out of a bag of soil so there's 3 different bags used here

    I'm torn between too much light (the only change recently) or lock out, mag def, ran out of ideas to be honest so posting pics on here for someone who knows to possibly help me out?

    Any help most appreciated..doing my head in image.jpeg
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    Justin.....what is the EC of your nutrient solution? pH?

    Lets make sure those numbers are accurate first and then we'll try to figure out what could be causing this. Sadly its a guessing game but I will give it a shot :)

    PerfectGrower Well-Known Member

    Same question....what is your current EC (or PPM) of your nutrient solution? What pH?

    It looks like a number of things. Lets make sure you're not over feeding your plants first and we'll go from there.

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    What can cause purple/red leaves on a seedling? It started on the edges and tips but not on the New growth. And they are growing slow!! Plz help
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    I really need someone's help plants are 26 days old and like 2-3" tall. I've be giving them proper amounts of base nuts and some one point they had or have a severe deficiency I added more and they are doing good as far as color but they are soooo small. I even have a really nice led grow light mainly in the white spectrum...sometimes I even give them sun

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    Zinc deficiency I'm guessing? Lower leaves are not dying.

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    Hi everyone. Can you please help me with a diagnostic for my plants? 20160512_132909.jpg 20160512_132918.jpg 20160512_132941.jpg

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