Guide for Diagnosing Plant Problems


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how wet is your soil? looks like a root problem mine started doing that. Do you smell a funny odor? if you do or don't if you can handle lifting and looking at the roots if brown i would gently trim them off. (not the leaves just yet) put back in slightly dry soil? and just mist the medium you put them pack in and wait to water then water down stem with less water. Of course i don't know much and I'm just guessing based on my experiences. Check some of the guides here on RIU hell I probably should look some more myself but trial and error is the only real teacher good luck and hope my response gave you some help.


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Thanks for the replies guys. I wish it was as simple as either of them. I will be checking the roots now though. Its wedding cake. They weren't cheap


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Does anyone know what the hell is going on here? The next two leaves not seen in this picture are about 5 cm long and both curled at the tips and all malformed as well. I planted two others at the same time and they are already on their 8th set of leaves and 3 times as big. Should i just start a new seed?20201020_142223.jpg
20210118_205757.jpg20210118_205747.jpgIm trying to figure out what is going on with these, i recently picked these up and after watering once this started happening. Leaves twisting and some spotting. I have well water and im thinking its a ph issue. What do ya think


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Hi. I'am a first time grower here. I am from a tropical country, so controlling my grow room environment is pretty challenging. Im currently on my 4th week of Veg, and my plant is showing some signs of deficiency- I am not sure. Although it is very minimal, I just wanna get on top of it as soon as possible.

Currently, they are growing in 1 Gallon fabric pots and I plan on transplanting them this weekend. I use GenHydro for nutes and I used to do daily fertigation, but I am not doing every other day. They actually seems okay, except that one of my plants started having white wilting spots. Maybe 5-6 small ones, in different leaves. I have been doing LST as well as Mainlining. My Light Cycle temp is between 26c-29c with Humidity between 55%-65%, at night, Temp is at 21c-23c with around 35%-40% RH.

I also think that the same plant having white spots are showing signs of mildew, but I am not sure. What do you guys think?