Harvest Time: A Tutorial

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    Why r u scaring these guys with mould????yes it needs addressed but before your buds go into a jar they should be nearly dry ....and the stems should not SNAP... if they do your in trouble... bendy stems with the buds a little crisp is wot you want...
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    Because its the step that everyone over looks when you do perfect buds with some decent amount of moistness to them. I don't think a few tips on watching out for humidity on a given day is bad advise since it can do bad things when you trap that moist air in the jar during cure.

    You know what dude, bendy and snap is what I do and if you do like a slightly moister cure that's your prerogative....that's why this stuff really is an art. The point is it should be 50/50 dry/supple for the most part...fair enough?


    I like this forum. Especially the easy not complicated walk through like most post.

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    I believe in keeping everything as simple as possible.....this way theirs less chance of going wrong........KISS .....
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    Mr. fdd, would it be alright if I used the happy plumber as my avatar? I've been so thrilled to see that little bastard every time since 2007 or 8. ILY FDD!
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    Yes you may. 8-)

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    Day 73 flower sour I have no fucking clue if these are done not to many Amber trichomes

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    They should be done by now......don't get me wrong ......you could chop just now(and have some lovely smoke)....but personally I would give them anouther week.....

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    So you are alive

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    Hi would like to know if this plant is ready to harvest and how long would I wait . Been giving it water only for almost a week now.
    Thanks in advance
    BTW it's and automatic ak by feminized seeds and it's not even 2 months as yet it like a week and 2 days until the 2 month mark .

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    Bri1927 New Member

    Hi again just a few more pics .

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    Hey guys. Just wanted to drop by and give you all a quick shot of my current grow. Three days from finish. Been flushing for almost 2 weeks. The end of this week will be 8 weeks of flower after 23 days of vegging. I had the lights on 24 hours a day for their whole lives. 2 Early miss autos, 1 Nothern lights auto (bottom left hand). I used crop king seeds. Planted the girls in 8 inch plastic pots from walmart and finished them in those same pots. Used 50% ffof, 25% jiffy seed starter, and 25% MG perlite. Also a healthy mix of my own concoction of amendments. I also used fox farm nute trio. RO througout the grow besides last 3 weeks which i used tap water. Harvest days are like Christmas lol. 20160714_234356.jpg
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    Does nebodi wait till the leaves are yellow and dying to harvest? Also does ne one cut off the fans during last two weeks of flower?
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    In Shape Vet

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    Hello everyone. Been way from the forums for about a year now just doing my own thing. Im coming back because several months ago i had acquired a viper city og 13 seed. i only have experience with a few hybrids and bag seed but this guy is different. Iv never grown a haze based strain. Took a sample a couple of weeks ago when i saw cloudy with a 30x but no amber. Pretty good stuff, i was up for hours just listening to music, very awake late into night early morning, relaxed body with on and off sex with my girl, the kind of sex where its easy for your mind to drift off and forget your having sex. two weeks later, this thing has gotten some more frost.

    Iv gotten accustom to how non milky trichs look to the naked eye, very sparkly looking. Heres the issue, its not shooting out anymore hairs, they have been red for a while, but i have allot of air blowing on them, anyway, it seems to keep making more trichs but still not getting any amber. This is my first time with this strain, again ( viper city 13 by moxie. ) I dont know how many days its been in flower, i stopped keeping track things like that over a year ago as i just look at trichs.

    First time really letting it do its thing, first run i had mites so i chopped then. Now this is the second run without mites thankfully i got rid of them.

    If anyone has grown this strain, or perhaps the strains used for this, the feed back would be appreciated. Heres some shots of the trichs. I tried to get some shots just right, one being out of focused and one covering the lights to the microscope so that you guys who know about the sparkle look can see what im talking about it not looking ready.

    from what iv read in regards to hazes, some keep going on for months and others have several windows of decent harvest without amber and instead " gold hue/clear trichs "

    My Snapshot (1).jpg My Snapshot.jpg My Snapshot_1.jpg My Snapshot_5.jpg My Snapshot_6.jpg My Snapshot_7.jpg My Snapshot_8.jpg My Snapshot_9.jpg My Snapshot_10.jpg My Snapshot_11.jpg
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    In Shape Vet

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    those pics are of this small sample bud, which is near a main.

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    In Shape Vet

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    Cyah1990, yes i remove the fan leaves often. After doing it several times iv found clones dont grow leaves the same size as from seed anymore. they become bonzai sized. i have leaves i saved that are larger than a sheet of paper from seed and now leaves from clones only get to around the size of coffee cup before they stop growing. I remove ALL fan leaves near the end of flower. i dont leave the top two either. then i bend and try to get everything at the same or near the same height. my style of harvest is different. I just take the main end buds to dry or wash and dry and the rest get water cured, dehydrated, and the freeze stored for eventual oil extract.

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    That one ready soon?

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    Will the leaves start turning yellow if I don't flush at the end or will they stay green. Because my understanding is the plant is using the nutrients from the leaf so if I'm still feeding will they stay green??.may sound like a silly question but I ask because as well as numerous other things I'm using the leaves as an indicator as to when to chop.any info would be muchos appreciated. Thanks

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    Idk if I'm going about this the right way but is there anyway you'd help out a noob with when to pull his plants?
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    i don't think you saw the happy plumber, go look for him

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