Harvest Time: A Tutorial


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ME....I'm still worried that I'm harvesting too soon. I'm growing Ripped Bubba...it's a 55 to 60 plant..and I'm going on day 61...now that I look at your harvest, I would say that their done..but "how done" you know what I mean....rare, medium rare..well done????


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It’s more of a sativa plant, but I like a strong relaxing body with a cheerful head, how long to keep the plant when you get a stone out of it? I don't want an energetic satviso, it caused me paranoia .. :)


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Hello friends. My Auto Sweet Cheese Xl has already passed 10 weeks from seed, flowering for 7 weeks.

How much do you think they want to stay? Others have seen this strain done after 60 - 75 days ~

I don’t have access to a magnifying glass at the moment, I can’t look at trichromes...
What do you think from the video itself, what percentage of their tees are already brown?

This is my first cultivation, I will be very grateful for any help.



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Wee9 beginning and I seen spider mite can I take this or wait there is amber in there a lot of cloudy etc I just am worried what I’d lose a week out and then having mites
I dealt with mites 1 crop ago. Brought in after having a pal look after my cuttings whilts I was away. They came back with 8 legged friends for free.

I've had them many years ago and I know to deal with them immediately. Don't mess about.

This time I bought a handful of the slow release predator pouches.I put them all around the base of the cuttings(well established, large cuttings), and dotted them around my main grow tent.

Within 2 weeks there were no sign of mites - I even watched the predators leave the pouches (moving tiny dots). They are the only thing I've found 100% effective indoors.

Each day I lifted each leaf, and where there were mites that are visible to the naked eye, I pressed the leaf with my thumg and finger to crush the mites. This keeps on top of the adults. The predators then deal with the smaller ones.

Once the main crop was down, I sprayed the inside of the tent with Silver Bullet bug spray. Sprayed everything.

I've had a 100% mite free experience since then (1 whole crop done and anothe rnow started).

Use predators, spray everything, and start clean. The predators mean you don't loose cuttings / seedlings, and you are guaranteed they will munch any eggs remaining over time. Obviously time pouch use so you are not spraying the predators.