Has anyone noticed a heightened sense of smell while medicated?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by greg nr, Feb 12, 2018.

    greg nr

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    Ok, so i've been noticing a loss in my sense of smell. My wife pointed it out when i ate some food she thought was spoiled. I couldnt smell it.

    Ive noticed it in other cases, from not smelling stank others pick out easily to not knowing how much spice to add from scent. Its mostly unpleasant odors i dont notice, but everything is muted.

    I am also having bizzare memory issues. And if you google the combination, it aint pretty, but lets leave that aside.

    But if i've smoked or had an edible, ill suddenly get me sense of smell back for an instant. Its like i smell something, and then its crystal clear. Then it fades again.

    Is it normal for cannabis to enhance the sense of smell?
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