Having problems with yellow leafs and skinny steams


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She looks pretty good to me, yes there is some yellowing moving from the tips inward on her first set of leaves. But I don't think that's your fault as that is something I have seen many times when people use MG soil to start their seedling off. Anyhow... what I feel causes that is that there is a overabundance of N in all MG soils, so at first a seedling leaves will look very dark green, then the older leaves will sometimes begin to yellow because their is that much nitrogen in the MG soil. But don't worry about it all that much because once the seedling grows more roots she will be able to deal with that issue more easily and things like that won't continue! But next time if you are going to use MG in your final pots, at least buy a small bag of a seedling mix, like FF happy frog, or Black Gold seedling mix to start your little babies off, because they are babies, wink! Okay that's it for now, but good luck, and keep them thumbs green...


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My soil tester just came in and my PH is high it's almost 8 . I just watered today what the best way to change it without adding more water to it .