HazePhase's First Organic No-Till LED Grow Journal - 2017

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    Hazephase Member

    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first ever grow and I am going to do my best to stay on top of this journal and keep it nice and tidy.
    Looking forward to feedback from all angles as my plants aren't the only ones here to grow [​IMG]

    Strain: Tangilope (Tangie X Chocolope)
    Flower time: 9 weeks
    Yield: 450-550 g/m2
    80% sativa / 20% indica
    Grow Stage: Seedling - Sprouted on St. Paddy's Day!

    Indoor Grow in No-Till Organic Soil
    20g Perlite / 20g Peat Moss / 15g EWC / 5g Mushroom Compost
    4 cups of: Neem / Alfalfa Meal / Kelp Meal / Crab Meal
    8 cups of: Dolomite Lime
    32 cups of: Rock Dust Mix

    Size of Pot: 15 Gallon Smart Pots w/ Scrogco 2x2 metal screens per plant
    Size of Light: 48x48 - 12 COB Custom LED
    6" Carbon Filter and 6" Fan with Ducting
    3 x Small Oscillating Fans for air circulation
    Temp: TBD - waiting on batteries to arrive
    5x5x7 Gorilla Grow Tent

    I am growing 6 plants but I will be taking 2 of them for cloning and will put them in a 2x4 tent for vegging awhile long while the other 4 stay in the 5x5 for flowering.

    I am super excited and glad I was finally able to find some time to post my journal.
    Really looking forward to continuing this and please ask away with any questions you may have and I will get back to you.

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for taking the time to read and follow.


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    Final Phase

    Final Phase Well-Known Member

    Looks like you're on target. Keep in mind this is like running a marathon - The important thing is getting to the finish line...
    Welcome to RIU and have an A1 Grow!
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    Hazephase Member

    Thank you Final Phase!
    I am really looking forward to this grow and sharing it with everyone.

    Much appreciated for the comment and support.
    Have a great one!
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    Hazephase Member

    I found out today that my light is being shipped tomorrow so I should have it by the end of the week. :bigjoint:

    I'll post pictures when it arrives but here are the specs in regards to my custom made LED light:

    12 Cob Vero 29 D series SE
    1400 PPFD at 8"
    6 COBs BXRC-40E10K0-D-73-SE
    6 COBs BXRC-30E10K0-D-73-SE
    108,000 lumens
    Switchable 6 COBs on veg/12 COBs on flower
    230 per rail
    690 w total.

    Pictures attached:
    Sideways one is veg lights only. Other is all lights. Per array - 3 arrays total.

    Super excited so I wanted to share :)
    Have a great evening everyone!

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    Hazephase Member

    A shot from this morning.
    It's funny the two that aren't shedding their seeds are:
    #1 of 16 to sprout - the one that looks like a duck bill
    #6 of 6 to sprout - leaves popping out yet barely

    Also since then I topped off the solo cups with more soil to help cover the stretch :)

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    Hazephase Member

    Here is a quick video from the person building my lights testing out PAR for my 4000k COBS which are on my light.

    It's packaged as you can see below and will be arriving this week.
    Another picture he sent me was how many cobs i could fit on this light as you see in image but that would be overkill LOL.
    He also said I can add another array on there which I might down the road for sure.

    Thanks everyone for following might update tonight with my seedlings.

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    Hazephase Member

    Hey Everyone,

    They broke through the soil on St. Paddy's Day so hopefully this is going to be my lucky Grow!! :)

    They are doing well and I feel over the last couple of days have really started to speed up on the growth.

    I was watering about a 1/4 cup of water per solo cup every 2 1/2 - 3 days and now they seem to be wanting that every 2 days which is nice to see :)
    (PH 6.5 is what i used but it had to be lowered from 9.1 with organic lemon juice)

    Probably by next weekend i will be transplanting them into 2 gallon containers for 3 weeks and then in their final 15 gallon smart pot!

    Happy Sunday Everyone!

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    Hazephase Member

    Even though I just updated Sunday, I am going to be putting another picture up as i feel they are growing nicely and I am using this as my own personal reflection afterwards as well as learning as I go :)
    Hope peeps don't mind.

    Also as I type this I am waiting for my light to arrive!
    I will be moving these girls into 2 gallon containers and under this new light of mine probably by the weekend :)

    stay tuned :)
    Keep Smiling!

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    Hazephase Member

    Quick updated picture from this morning.
    They are going to be going into 2 gallon pots probably by the weekend.

    I am going to be making more soil tomorrow and it will cook for 3 weeks and then I will move my girls from the 2 gallon into their 15 gallon smart pots with the exception of 2 of them which will be going into a 20 gallon smart pot and moved come flower time into a veg tent for further vegging / cloning and then flowering after the first four are done [​IMG]

    Have a great day Everyone!!!!

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    Hazephase Member

    Good Day Fellow Cannabis Enthusiasts,

    It's been awhile since I made a post so I thought it was time.
    They are now in their 2 gallon homes in their tent with 3 little clip fans moving air and my 6" intake fan on low - randomly throughout the day.

    I've been having trouble getting my humidity and temperature up considering my plants are still small and my light produces no heat. (40% rh & 22 degrees celcius)

    I just finished feeding my plants the following concoction:
    2 cups E/W/C + 2 Tablespoons of Organic molasses + pinch of kelp meal + pinch of yeast in a nylon sock. Put into 4.5 gallons of Aloe water with an air stone and bubbled for 46 hours.

    I also have some barley sprouting at the moment which should be ready for the next watering for some barley sst :)

    In the next 3-4 weeks I will be getting a 2x4 veg tent and LED COB 4 light array for that tent.
    Open to suggestions for tents :)

    Have a great day everyone and thanks for following along.

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    Hazephase Member

    Update Time:
    The plants are doing well but I am open to feedback as this is my first ever grow.
    I now have my light (which is still missing an array and getting fixed... should have been in on Friday... anyways... lol) on 11/11 for power so it's shooting the full amount of light at the moment but I still have it 3 feet away.
    (I was told to leave it here if they aren't reaching for the light but I have no idea)

    RH: 48% - need a humidifier as my intake fan lowers it down to 40% and i can't get up to the 50-70% that's best for Veg.
    Temp: 22-25 degrees Celcius

    The soil is still damp but in a few days when it's watering time I have brewed up some Barley SST which is frozen in ice cube trays in the freezer at the moment.

    Super excited to add my other array of lights once it's back in my home!!

    Please be gentle on Scraggles - she is the spindly looking one. She shed her seed later than the rest and took awhile to get going. She also only grew half of a leaf but seems to be picking up speed now :)

    Looking for feedback, comments and company.

    1. When does one start training their plant - I was going to move into 15 gallons in 2 more weeks then was going to start - that too late? - Doing Scrog individual 2x2 metal screens.
    2. When does one start topping their plant?

    All the very best and thank you!

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    Hazephase Member

    Okay so I topped 3 plants this morning before leaving for work. (I made sure to sterilize before making the cut)
    Then I went in about an hour ago when they woke up and also super cropped one of them (by pinching the stem till it bends - hope i did that right)

    Pictures are attached but please leave me your feedback as I am learning every day and I am trying new things to compare and learn.
    This has been such an exciting ride and its just begun :)

    Please leave me your feedback advice etc..
    Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!

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    Hazephase Member

    Picture update - still slowly in growing since I topped them 2 days ago but looking nice!
    I don't know much but how do they look?
    Look really nice to me but I am biased LOL

    Also I have lowered my light from 3 feet away to 2 feet away :)
    Thanks Folks!!

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    Hazephase Member

    Quick Picture Update:

    I was watering every 4-5 days and I watered the girls yesterday around Supper time and soil looks like it's drying on the top faster which is good :)
    Looks like I might start watering just a bit every 2-3 days and switching up between:
    Day 1: Water
    Day 2: Coconut water
    Day 3: Tea (EWC/Molasses/yeast/kelp/aloe water)
    Day 4: Water
    Day 5: Barley SST
    Day 6: Water
    Day 7: Aloe Water
    Day 8: Repeat

    Open to advice :)

    Girls are starting to recoup from topping and pick up their speed again :)

    - I have had one plant who shed seed last and has been behind.
    - Has mutated leaf so extra leaf as you can see in some picts
    - New Growth is missing a leaf or half a leaf
    - Shorter than rest.

    Does anyone know why this would be as I bought DNA Genetics which is supposed to top Genetics.

    Thx Everyone and HAPPY EASTER!!!

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    Hazephase Member

    Looks like the shock is over and the girls are picking up speed and growing again :)
    Thought I would share a picture of each and the temp/humidity levels.

    There is one plant that seems to be having trouble,not growing height wise but still have great growth just different size leafs or missing a leaf etc.... also has a leaf with extra leaflet lol

    Either way the room is starting to smell nice and the plants seem to be drinking a lot more.
    Was watering every 4-5 days and watered 2 nights ago and may have to water tonight.

    Thanks Everyone for Following :)

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    Hazephase Member

    HAPPY 420 Everyone!!!
    Also my repaired array came in so now I have my full light in my tent --- finally after 3 weeks of waiting!!!!!

    I watered them tonight and I am going to brew some ewc/molasses/yeast/kelp/barely sst with water so I can water them on Sunday and my additional soil which is cooking and waiting for when i transplant in a week or so.

    Here are some pictures.
    Have a great one everyone!!!

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    Hazephase Member

    Hello Folks,

    It’s been awhile as I have been quite busy with work and trying to order and setup my Veg Tent and light.
    Good News - My vent set up has arrived (minus 4 x T5 bulbs which stayed on the truck while I collected someone else’s package…. sucks to be us lol —- good thing is I have 2 lights and currently only need to use one)

    Veg SetUp:
    • 3.3 x 3.3 x 6.5 - Mars Hydro Veg Tent
    • 4” Fan and Carbon Filter + timer controller and ducting
    • (2) - 4Bulb 2ft Fixtures to ensure I cover entire tent with light
    • Power Bar / Timer
    • Additional 7 day Timer
    • 3x3 flood tray (arriving by Friday)
    Also my plants are taking off again since toping them a second time and adding in my 3rd array of lights!
    • I have found my mother plant
    • Straggles the fall behind has ton of new growth and doing amazing
    • TwinPeaks has jumped over night with two amazing tops on each side stretching out
    • Others are doing amazing with nice new growth!!
    I am either going to be transplanting them into their 15 gallon totes tomorrow or Sunday as I am gone Friday evening into Saturday evening.
    They could stay longer in their 2 gallons but I need to clear the room where the soil and totes are to make room for the veg tent.
    Once I have the Veg tent set up I will be moving my mother plant in there alone to enjoy and grow!

    Thank you all for following and have a great one!!!

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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    Nice setup , i like the veros. I have a set myself.

    Cool log I'll be subbed for this one.

    Going to be doing any teas for flower ?
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    Hazephase Member

    Most likely as I've already been doing a rotation of water - aloe water - coconut water - ewc/molasse/yeast/kelp meal / water - barely sst.

    What's your vero set up like?
    You build it yourself?

    Thanks for following along :)
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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    I got a 400w kit from timber vero 29. All k did was build a frame

    I'm in lame ocean forest but I plan on reusing this soil. Mean while I'm building my living organic soil.

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