Hello everybody!


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Hello everyone, my name is Adam but I go by HyDrOpOnIc1987 on forums and gaming :)

I write e-cigarette reviews on ECF ( Ecig forum) and have heen wanting to write some reviews for strains and dispensaries and mail order sites (in canada so mail order is legal lol). I have ne that I wrote for Reddit, for the CanadianMoM sub specifically, but due to rules changing often on Reddit, I wasn't able to post it. I'm wondering if anyone knows of anywhere to post reviews of such a manner.

Also, i'm into dry herb vaping mostly, but like a good bong hit or joint every once in a while lol i'm mainly an indica fiend as I have major chronic pain, depression issues, anxiety issues and I'm a life long insomniac. I'm hoping to be able to curb some of that pain and discomfort into writing reviews as to turn something hegative into something possitive.

Thank you all so much for any info you can provide! Also, nice to meet you all and I hope to become a regular :)



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Welcome! You made it this long/far trying new products over there without an e-cig battery exploding... must be a miracle ;-) Funny how the mainstream media made it sound like those things were super dangerous & everyones still here.